Trump calls on congressional Republicans to ‘fight to the death’ against a ‘rigged & stolen’ election

President Donald Trump went after congressional Republicans on Saturday for not fighting to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

“If a Democrat Presidential Candidate had an Election Rigged & Stolen, with proof of such acts at a level never seen before, the Democrat Senators would consider it an act of war, and fight to the death,” Trump tweeted. “Mitch & the Republicans do NOTHING, just want to let it pass. NO FIGHT!”

Time to “step up and fight”

Later in the day on Saturday, the president called upon GOP senators to take action.

“Time for Republican Senators to step up and fight for the Presidency, like the Democrats would do if they had actually won,” Trump tweeted.

The president went on to argue that there is “irrefutable” proof that the election was stolen. He cited, “Massive late-night mail-in ballot drops in swing states, stuffing the ballot boxes (on video), double voters, dead voters, ….fake signatures, illegal immigrant voters, banned Republican vote watchers, MORE VOTES THAN ACTUAL VOTERS (check out Detroit & Philadelphia), and much more.”

“The numbers are far greater than what is necessary to win the individual swing states,” the president added.

A key date

The president’s rallying call comes ahead of the all-important date of January 6th. This is when the new Congress will meet to ratify the votes of the Electoral College.

President Trump is hoping that Republicans in the House and the Senate will object. This would toss the Electoral College votes out and initiate a legislative voting process that could favor the president.

A number of Republicans in the House have indeed expressed their intention to object. But, in order for their objection to amount to anything they will need the backing of at least one GOP Senator.

Thus far, no GOP senator has unambiguously stated that he or she will object, although some — Sen.-elect Tommy Tuberville (R-AL), for one — have suggested that they might.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has already moved on, congratulating Democratic nominee Joe Biden on his apparent victory — a move that has disappointed Trump. McConnel has also been urging his fellow GOP Senators not to object, arguing that it will hurt the party in future elections.

It’s not long until January 6th when we’ll get to see if any GOP senators are willing to “step up and fight” on behalf of the president and the future of America.

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