Trump declines request for meeting with Nikki Haley following her critical remarks: Reports

Following last month’s deadly riot on Capitol Hill, several one-time allies of former President Donald Trump have spoken out against him — including ex-United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Judging from recent reports, Trump did not take kindly to her harsh remarks.

“He’s fallen so far”

According to Breitbart, the 45th president has turned down a request Haley made to meet with him in Florida, which a number of other GOP officials have done in recent weeks.

For her part, Haley expressed disappointment in Trump’s rhetoric in a recent interview with Politico’s Tim Alberta, predicting that her party would soon excise itself of the former president’s influence.

“I don’t think he’s going to be in the picture,” the former South Carolina governor said. “I don’t think he can. He’s fallen so far.”

Referencing his rhetoric ahead of the Jan. 6 riot, Haley said that Republicans “need to acknowledge he let us down” and “went down a path he shouldn’t have, and we shouldn’t have followed him.”

Haley opined that she did not believe “he would spiral out like this,” declaring that she feels as if she does not “know who he is anymore” and can no longer recognize him as the same person she once worked alongside.

“The most vibrant member”

In addition to suggesting that his “business is suffering at this point,” she asserted that he has also “lost any sort of political viability he was going to have.”

Furthermore, Haley noted that he has “lost his social media, which meant the world to him” and has “lost the things that really could have kept him moving.”

Despite her predictions, however, a recent Morning Consult/Politico poll found that Trump easily leads the early field of possible 2024 GOP presidential nominees. More than half of the Republicans surveyed would back his bid for a second term.

His eldest son, Donald Trump, Jr., attracted the support of another one in four GOP respondents. In contrast, Haley attracted a mere 6% of the party’s support.

Haley’s assessment of the former president is hardly the prevailing opinion among high-ranking members of her party. In a recent Fox News Channel interview, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), declared that Trump “is the most vibrant member of the Republican Party,” asserting that the movement he launched ahead of the 2016 election “is alive and well.”

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30 Responses

    1. Mine as well!! Democrats stick together like glue and republicans can’t get far enough away when they think it’s good for them!

      1. President Trump has not lost any of his Republican supporters! We are still here all over America. Just waiting to hear from our President again. We will follow wherever he leads! The Democrats will never have that kind of loyalty because they always try to rule with fear and take away our freedom. Trump protected our rights and brought prosperity to the nation.

    2. I lost respect for her when she publicly chided Trump a few years ago for making a statement on Twitter. Could she not have done the right thing and emailed him, instead of publicly calling him out? That was bad judgment on her part. And now this??? She can kiss her career goodbye!

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  2. Someone anyone ” PLEASE Send this Message on to Nikki Hailey. Nikki your are a quasi Conservative. More like a political opportunist. One who failed to recognize her very own short comings. TRUMP CRUSHES YOU AN ANY OTHER REPUBLICAIN WHO MIGHT CONSIDER OPPOSING HIM. OVER 78 % OF ALL REPUBLICANS AN NEW TRUMP VOTERS WANT HIM AS OUR CANDIDATE IN THE 2024 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

  3. I once thought Nikki Hailey was a true conservative and intelligent human being. I was wrong. She is a snake on the woodpile waiting to attack. She wants to be President and will stab in the back anyone who is in the way. That person is Trump!

  4. Anyone who saw the crisis at the Capitol—and listened to the speeches of DJT and Rudy cannot argue withHaley’s remarks. One does not turn on their government through violence. We all need to show respect for our country——most certainly the
    President. The presidency is not about one person but every citizen—-Americans need to be Americans again!

    1. Yes!! We were headed in that direction until…the Dems called in the National Guard so their hands didn’t get dirty..a VERY sad day for America & for AMERICANS

    2. When you have people who see what they want to see and don’t know the facts should not comment on things they think they see. It’s been proven that the Trump supporters did not violently turn on the government. Democrat infiltrators did, and that has been proven. The democrats planned days before the rally to infiltrate the rally and attack the capitol to discredit President Trump. Please, before you discredit Mr. Trump try to get the facts straight. Nikki Hailey jumped the gun and showed us her true colors. She will get as good as she gives from Our real President Donald Trump. Unlike all the other politically correct traitors in the country who lie and say what they think everyone wants to hear, Mr. Trump calls it as he see’s it, and that Judith, is how everyone should be. The country would be much better off without all the RINO snowflakes. If their feeling get hurt, so be it. They shouldn’t be in politics ( Or any position of trust) if so. But I guess sometimes the truth hurts…

    3. Were you there and did you hear his speech? Or did you hear the edited falsified chopped up, words out of context version presented by your beloved Demoncrats?
      I WAS THERE PAL! DO some he work and be VERY CAREFUL who you throw your weight behind. You obviously don’t have your eyes, ears, and nose opened or you would see, hear and smell the stench in that swamp. You are about to get an awakening!

  5. Nikiki is trying to hang the same befuddlement choke that is already on and very apparent with our “supposed new President”, Biden. Problem is that it all too well fits on Biden but not so much so with President Trump! Looks like a sign of desperation with Nikiki trying to still look relevant in the political world!

  6. Where have all the supporters? Why are we NOT together planning the next move?? We have basically ALLOWED the sham elections & looking at our country, President Trump wasn’t here at all!! All the good he accomplished in the last 5+ years is being wiped out before the new president is in office for 100 days! Why is this happening?? We were united under President Trump! The “temperature” of most citizens was high-we were taking off, AS a COUNTRY, being PROUD of OUR COUNTRY, a FANTASTIC stock market, PRIDE because there wasn’t any conflicts going on, there was peace!! Where IS everyone?? Just WHY are we allowing this?? OUR President Trump was the BEST shot in the arm in the last 45 years!! No wars, no real division between races, all rotten countries just stopped being rotten; economy was the very BEST of my entire life; UNIFICATION of Americans, minus the Hollywood idiots, were PRO COUNTRY! Something I don’t remember seeing since 9/11, or quite frankly back to WWII!! Just WHY?? Just WHERE??? Just WHEN??

    1. Agreed, we need to stop criticizing and start supporting Trump and his MAGA agenda. If we stick together we can purge congress and the swamp to continue all the great things Trump accomplished. Stand tall and vote out the corrupt Democrats from the top down starting with the mid terms in 22.

    2. Lynn, you need to do just a little more research, first the dems didn’t call in the national guard, actually Pelosi turned down Trumps offer of support to have for Jan 6th, they are there for another reason just like the fence was not put up by the dems, it’s not there to keep people out, it’s there to keep them in. All that is going on is for another reason, Trump has nothing to do with this, it’s a military operation right now for reasons that will come to light at the right time. For starters if you haven’t done so you need to read the 1871 act, that will start giving you information of why things are going on the way they are. Trump will be back, he will be reinstalled as our president, that day is coming. There are several other videos with some very powerful information, go to MeWe, some are there. Don’t give up, all of President Trumps supporters are still with him, everything biden is doing will be undone, null and void, to put it mildly the dems are in for a rude awakening. The reason of why the military is involved will come to light, but not for the reasons you expect. The military is in charge. If you need more information let me know and I can point you in the right direction, just keep the faith it will all be good. The arrests that are coming will be mind boggling.

  7. It’s amazing how many old establishment Republicans aren’t smart enough to recognize the MAGA Movement and the importance of Trump. Any Republican denying that, will have no chance of winning an election in the near future. They must get on board, enthusiastically!

  8. Dear President Trump;
    We love you. We love what you have done for AMERICA with the MAGA.

    Sorry for all the RINO’S

    Really sorry for the tear-down of progress that was started

    May God bless you. May God bless AMERICA. BLESSINGS and PEACE

  9. All these creeps want to be good with the DEEP STATE and will sell out their grandmother to do it. The US is just like China with Red China Joe and the DEED STATE running the corruption. We will only be communist as my father said 60 years ago.

  10. I had a lot of respect for Niki, until she backstabbed President Trump like Old Mitch. President Trump was right not to invite her. She might use anthing that he talks about and spin it to the media, like she she did with the Capital Building riot. She lost his trust and all she has now, is the Rhino Establishment GOPs. Good luck in the future.

  11. Listen up lady, you couldn’t begin to even tie President Trump’s shoe strings, let alone govern the United States. You are as we have found out, another backstabbing rino.

  12. She has taken of the swamp kool-aid evidently. I know all of the people that live in my area want Trump back so badly that they would do anything including leaving the Republican party to get him back in office. They better wake up if they want to ride the Trump Train.

  13. Donald Trump has more support than anyone! He didn’t even take a paycheck for being President! Democrats have lied,cheated, paid for riots, did the voting fraud, accepted bribe and got worried about him wanting to clean up the swamp! Democrats have done everything they can do to run him off, and he’s still hanging in there. Him and his family are the best thing that’s happened in our government since Ronald Reagan! His wife is a very wonderful First Lady and his family is always there for each other. He and Pence did everything they could to help our country! Democrats should be ashamed of themselves, but they are to power hungry and greedy to even admit they have done anything wrong, but God will take care of that on Judgment Day! God bless America and God bless the best President America has had since Ronald Reagan!

  14. First of ALL, PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS BETTER THAN REAGAN. Secondly, he was better than any President we have ever had. I NEVER voted till I heard Trump speak and his so-called flaws that some see as sarcastic, I found funny. I grew up in a Democrat household and it made me not want to ever hear anything more about Politics. I watched and listened to everything and also read up on it all. When Trump talks people listened, he did what he said he would do for the people. We cannot say that about most Presidents. I will follow and vote for Trump again. I won’t vote for his daughter-in-law because her family are Democrats and I read that they go to see them a lot and hang out, so No I would never vote for her, because it would be like putting a Rhino in, as they say, to spy for the Democrats. But, I believe in Trump and he is my President now and forever.

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