Trump responds to Biden’s ‘vicious’ speech, says ‘dishonest, sick’ FBI searched Barron Trump’s room

At his first campaign stop since the unprecedented FBI raid of his home, former President Donald Trump gave a powerful rebuttal to President Biden’s dark and divisive speech describing millions of Trump supporters as a threat to democracy.

Pulling no punches at a Saturday night MAGA rally for Republican candidates Dr. Oz and Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania, Trump condemned the raid as a “Third World” shakedown that even targeted his son Barron Trump. 

Trump says FBI raided Barron’s room

While Trump had previously said that the FBI went rifling through his wife Melania’s closet, he told the crowd in Wilkes-Barre that the feds also performed “a deep and ugly search of the room of my 16-year-old son, leaving everything they touched in far different condition than it was when they started.”

He blasted the raid as a “travesty of justice” and more evidence that Trump and his supporters are being persecuted by leftist “tyrants” who seek “absolute power” over America with “the help of a willing and very corrupt media.”

“They think the Deep State, not the citizens, should be the true masters of this country,” he said. “On our watch, we will never let that happen.”

While Democrats are weaponizing the justice system against their political opponents, they let violent criminals run amok in cities they control like Philadelphia, Trump said. He knocked Biden’s speech there Thursday as the “most vicious, hateful, and divisive” ever given by an American president and said it is Biden who is an “enemy of the state.”

“Republicans in the MAGA movement are not the ones trying to undermine our democracy. We are the ones trying to save our democracy,” Trump said.

Trump blasts “tyrants,” Biden

The FBI has helped the left undermine democracy with various “hoaxes and scams,” including the Russian collusion conspiracy theory and the cover-up of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal before the 2020 election, Trump said.

He accused “dishonest, sick” people at the FBI of peddling “disinformation” by leaking a misleading photograph taken during the raid that showed files carelessly spread out on the floor.

“The FBI and the Justice Department have become vicious monsters controlled by radical left scoundrels, lawyers, and the media, who tell them what to do, and when to do it,” Trump said.

Trump lamented that America is losing its freedom and “in many ways, has become a joke,” but he predicted that better days are coming.

“As long as we are confident and united, the tyrants we are fighting do not stand even a chance, because we are Americans and Americans kneel to God and God alone,” Trump said.