Trump says Bragg must 'immediately' drop case over detective's firing

 June 5, 2023

Donald Trump called for Alvin Bragg to "immediately" drop his case against him after a detective was let go for having improper ties to Michael Cohen. 

Cohen, of course, is Trump's former lawyer and the primary witness in the "hush money" trial.

The New York Post reports that Bragg's office suspended financial crimes detective Jeremy Rosenberg over his interactions with Cohen.

"The office is conducting a review of an investigator’s compliance with internal office protocols,” a Bragg spokeswoman said.

Case dropped?

The article quoted a defense lawyer and former Manhattan prosecutor, Mark Bederow.

“It might not affect the case, but certainly from a defense standpoint they would want to know what’s the nature of their relationship,” Bederow said. “What did they talk about and did this detective investigator have anything that fits the form of a disclosure to the defense.”

In a Truth Social post written in all capital letters, Trump cited "legal experts" to argue Bragg "WILL BE IMMEDIATELY FORCED TO DROP HIS WEAK & DISPARAGED CASE."

Trump has hinted before that Bragg would drop the case, but the Soros-backed prosecutor has given no indication of that yet.

If anything, he is brazenly doubling down, telling Trump's lawyers they aren't "entitled" to know the nature of the charges while fighting to keep the case in state court, where Trump is more likely to face a hostile, biased jury.

Politically motivated

Cohen's poor credibility as a witness is just one reason many are doubting the strength of Bragg's case, which rests on a bizarre and widely criticized legal theory.

Trump is facing 34 felony counts for "falsifying business records" over hush money payments prior to the 2016 election, but Bragg has yet to explain what the crime consists of.

The prosecutor has controversially invoked federal election law to upgrade what would normally be a misdemeanor case under state law.

Trump's post also cited the role of former prosecutor Mark Pomerantz, who "illegally" wrote a tell-all book about the investigation after resigning in protest over Bragg's initial reluctance to pursue it.

The trial is scheduled for March, right in the middle of the Republican presidential primary, in which Trump is the early frontrunner. He has blasted Bragg's investigation as a form of election interference.

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