Trump says the 'old Republican Party is gone, and it is never coming back'

 April 17, 2023

Former President Donald Trump raised eyebrows this weekend when he said that the "old Republican Party is gone, and it is never coming back."

According to Politico, Trump made the declaration while giving a speech to Republican National Committee donors on Saturday.

Trump takes credit for revamping GOP, saving it from "the establishment class"

The website obtained a copy of the former president's remarks, and they show him laying out his case for why his latest White House run should be supported.

Trump boasted that he "saved" the GOP from its "the establishment class" by winning in 2016 and said he needs another term to finish the job.

Specifically, Trump claimed to have remade the Republican Party by overhauling its approach to illegal immigration, foreign policy, and federal entitlement programs.

"Republicans were a party known for starting wars overseas, cutting Social Security and Medicare at home, and pushing mass amnesty for illegal aliens," the former president insisted.

Former president promises to go after "deep state," woke schools, and prosecutors

Trump promised that he will complete the transformation, turning the GOP into an "unstoppable juggernaut that will dominate American politics for generations to come."

Other highlights included a vow to "totally obliterate the Deep State" along with a pledge to have the Department of Justice target "Marxist" or "racist-in-reverse" prosecutors.

He then promised an executive order to financially punish schools that teach critical race theory or "inappropriate" sexual material as well as schools and colleges which implement mask or vaccine requirements. Also on Trump's agenda is signing a bill to target so-called "gender affirming care" for minors.

What's more, the former president also said he would promote earlier voting and ballot harvesting among Republicans, practices which he had previously derided.

Trump launches Republican ballot harvesting fund

Trump endorsed early voting and ballot harvesting earlier this year, with Right Side Broadcasting Network reporting in February that he created a ballot harvesting fund.

"The radical Democrats have used ballot harvesting to cancel out YOUR vote and walk away with elections that they NEVER should have won," Trump was quoted as saying in an email.

"But I’m doing something HUGE to fight back. Our presidential campaign will launch our own BALLOT HARVESTING FUND in the states where the Left has been cheating the system," the former president added.

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