Trump takes suit against National Archives to SCOTUS seeking block of document release

According to The Hill, former President Donald Trump has asked the Supreme Court to block the National Archives from releasing hundreds of pages of documents from his White House to the Jan. 6 House select Committee, arguing that it sets a bad precedent for future administrations.

Trump’s suit against the National Archives and the Jan. 6 House Committee has quickly advanced through the lower courts since it was filed in October, with every court thus far declining to block the release.

Previous procedure dictated that if the current president waives executive privilege, then records can be released, and President Joe Biden has done so. Trump argued that the current hyperpartisan environment made changes to the existing procedures necessary so that records could not be used unfairly against a former president.

“Troubling ruling”

“The D.C. Circuit’s opinion endorsed the power of a congressional committee to broadly seek the records of a prior Presidential administration and, as long as the incumbent President agrees to waive executive privilege, gain unfettered access to confidential communications of that administration,” Trump’s filing read.

“This troubling ruling lacks any meaningful or objective limiting principle. In an increasingly partisan political climate, such records requests will become the norm regardless of what party is in power. Consequently, this Court’s review is critical.”

The plain fact is that the select committee wants to run a fine-toothed comb over Trump’s handling of the Jan. 6 Capitol breach to see if there’s anything they can nail him on.

They likely don’t genuinely care about context or the truth, and they would love nothing better than to criminally charge Trump to damage him and prevent him from running for office ever again, or at least hurt his endorsed candidates in the 2022 midterms.

Out for blood

Trump has every reason to believe whatever information the committee obtains will be looked at in the worst possible light. The committee is comprised of all Democrats, plus two Trump-hating Republicans, because no other Republicans would touch it once the Dems revealed themselves as being out for blood, figuratively speaking of course.

It’s important for the high court to take note that these Democrats are using the committee for political gain, which should never be allowed.

The single justice assigned to review the case could block the release of the documents, but since that is Chief Justice John Roberts, who seems not to be a big fan of Trump, immediate relief seems unlikely.

If four justices or more want to hear the case, it will be added to the docket, but it could take months before a decision is made, even if the normal process is expedited.

If the court declines to hear the case or block the documents from being released, it will make yet another Trump witch hunt like the two impeachments he endured unfairly in the House because of its Democratic majority.

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