Trump should be arrested and jailed, according to NBC legal analyst

Following the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol building, social media companies immediately moved to deplatform former President Donald Trump. However, some on the left argue that Trump wasn’t punished enough for his “rhetoric” that many claim sparked the rioting event.

According to TheBlaze, among those critics is NBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner, who recently called on U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland to arrest and jail the former president. 

It’s “public safety”

Kirschner called for Trump’s arrest on Friday while speaking with left-wing radio host Dean Obeidallah, calling the issue a matter of “public safety.”

“Don’t we have to move out and charge Trump because he’s out there continuing to push ‘The Big Lie,’ continuing to grift his base, and in a very real sense recruiting the foot soldiers for insurrection 2.0?” Kirschner said.

The former U.S. Army prosecutor went on to allege that he believes “nothing would make Donald Trump happier than insurrection 2.0.”

Trump the gangbanger

Kirschner went on to compare the former president to the violent gang members that he once investigated, saying that prosecutors had to “make the assessment” as to whether a suspect should be taken into custody.

“Do we continue to investigate covertly and let these guys run around on the streets of Washington, D.C., potentially hurting others?” the NBC legal analyst asked.

Kirschner added: “Or have the scales tipped and is now public safety such a concern that we have to take down the investigation and make arrests and go public?”

“Insurrection 2.0”

“I maintain that even though Merrick Garland needs time to investigate, and we’re still sort of in the early stages of a criminal investigation, public safety is at risk,” the legal analyst said.

Kirschner claimed that “there are crimes for which Donald Trump can and should be arrested and indicted right now” and the lack of action “irks” him.

Yet as TheBlaze pointed out, Kirschner did not specify what crimes have been committed or what evidence exists to justify the former president’s arrest, let alone a possible jail sentence. What’s more, Kirschner failed to substantiate his contention that Trump has been busy recruiting “foot soldiers for insurrection 2.0,” something he said, “has to be addressed now.”

The bottom line is that Kirschner is a smart guy, and he knows virtually everything he says is outlandish, at best. But in today’s media world, intelligent, reasonable analysis of a situation doesn’t generate anywhere near the attention of ridiculous, asinine commentary.

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