Trump slams Biden in CPAC speech: ‘Most disastrous’ presidency ever

Americans haven’t heard much from Donald Trump since he left the White House. At CPAC on Sunday, he got the country up to speed on how he thinks his successor is doing, and it wasn’t pretty.

After weeks of radio silence, Trump unloaded on President Joe Biden in no uncertain terms as having already gone down as the “most disastrous” president in modern history, according to a transcript from Rev.

“Most disastrous” presidency ever

Already, Biden is making America into a “sanctuary” for dangerous criminal migrants by bringing back “catch and release,” halting construction of the southern border wall and ordering a “shutdown of ICE,” triggering a “massive flood” of illegal immigration with “promises and foolish words,” Trump said.

“Joe Biden has had the most disastrous first month of any president in modern history,” he said, according to the transcript. “Already the Biden administration has proven that they are anti-jobs, anti-family, anti-borders, anti-energy, anti-women, and anti science.”

Trump also slammed Biden for keeping schoolchildren hostage to teachers’ unions instead of following science on coronavirus, calling it a “scandal of the highest order” that will traumatize a generation of kids, and for endangering women’s sports with transgender ideology.

He further excoriated Biden for killing jobs and driving up energy prices with his climate change agenda, and bringing back politically correct “indoctrination trainings” that target America’s heritage, among other destructive moves.

Trump’s “I told you so”

Contrasting his “America First” agenda with that of Biden, Trump said that Biden lied about his radical policies with the help of “fakers” in the media, and is doing exactly what Trump warned he would do on the campaign trail.

“Last year, I predicted to you that the extremism, corruption and incompetence of the Biden administration would be literally unprecedented in American history. Unfortunately he has proven me 100% right,” Trump said.

While painting a grave picture of America under Biden, Trump also cracked some jokes at his expense, saying there was no malice involved when Biden said that Trump left him without a vaccine, since Biden “didn’t really know what the hell was happening.”

Admonishes “RINOS”

While Trump came with plenty of barbs for “Sleepy Joe,” he also admonished “RINOs” in the Republican Party as he called on the GOP to stand up for American workers and families against this assault on their jobs, their culture, their values, their rights, their free speech and their borders.

He also asserted that he won the “rigged” 2020 election and threatened to run for the White House a third time, while calling on GOP to ensure the integrity of elections.

“Instead of attacking me and more importantly the voters of our movement, top establishment Republicans in Washington should be spending their energy in opposing Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, and the Democrats,” Trump said.

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18 Responses

    1. I’m amazed the Republicans aren’t fighting more , pelosi is an evil person. How are they able to screw them around so bad. Please don’t let her kill our ssc, then we would be living on the street. I’m not to good guess I feel like a sissy.

  1. Donald Trump spoke the truth when he detailed the agenda of sleepy Joe. He stated that we have in Joe the worse president America has ever had and he hasn’t even been in office 2 months. May God have mercy on America even though we donot deserve His mercy.

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  3. Very good for Donald Trump at CPAC he told the truth like it is, just to bad some of these GOP Rino’s were not listening they just might change their spots and agencies of course Mitt Romney will never change his spots once a traitor always a traitor.

  4. Very good for Donald Trump at CPAC with his truthful comments Just to bad some of the COP Rino’s were not listening they might just change their spots and allegency’s but not Mitt Romney his spots will never change once a traitor always a traitor.

  5. We have rude and corrupt leaders in Washington today as they are set to unravel the good that has been done and their actions are not for the American population for good policies, they are changing everything for their own good at the risk of destroying America and the good people of this once great nation until January 20, 2021

  6. President said it all! Biden is destroying our country with many strokes of the pen! He is the WORST president in American history!

  7. We need President Trump back in the White House to keep making our country strong and safe again. Get jobs back and putting people back to work not take jobs away. We need the pipeline opened again and close our borders and finish building the wall.

  8. I agree with Trump 100%. I just hope we have a country left by 2024 to govern. At the rate Biden is going now,
    seems very doubtful unless drastic
    changes are made soon.

  9. Have another election in 2 years if this group lasts that long, for President and Vp( not rino Pence)!

  10. Biden is so empty minded and out of it, he wouldn’t even know what our President Trump said. He’s lost in his own world of confusion and has to ask the question “what am I doing here”!
    The left wing liberals are using this confused soul as nothing but a puppet to do their dirty work. When he is no longer used or wanted, then he will be shunned and kick to the gutter. Then the next disliked harris minion will be used in the same manner as the liberal swine know that she is not well liked by Americans.

  11. The Dummycraps know they got in by cheating. TREASON!!!!! Why do you think OUR Capitol looks like the Russian side of Berlin did until Reagan got the wall taken down?
    The “UNARMED” YOUNG WOMAN Airforce veteran of 14 years who had earned honors who was murdered in what used to be the peoples Capitol was 100% more of a patriot than Commie Peelousie.

  12. I see no way out to remove the 2 illegitimate characters in the White House plus Pelosi. But somehow we have to fight these stupid EO’s and declare them illegal. In Biden’s mental state, it’s like letting a 6 year old drive the family car on I-95 during rush hour.

  13. America wake up do you see where ee our country is heading NO W but to HELL. We better turn to GOD or we will never be looked up to. Did you see Pellis son in law was right beside the horned antiva man what’s that about?

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