Trump might start his own social media platform: Report

President Donald Trump made headlines last month after Twitter and other social media giants took the unprecedented step of removing him from their platforms.

Instead of trying to get back in the tech companies’ favor, Trump may decide to create his own platform, the Washington Examiner reported.

“I would expect that we will see the president reemerge on social media,” former Trump campaign strategist Jason Miller said over the weekend during a radio interview with Breitbart News Saturday, according to the Examiner.

“Whether that’s joining an existing platform or creating his new platform, there are a number of different options and a number of different meetings that they’ve been having on that front,” Miller explained.

“All options are on the table”

Miller said that “nothing is imminent,” however, “all options are on the table. A number of things are being discussed,” he said.

“Stay tuned there because you know he’s going to be back on social media. We’re just kind of figuring out which avenue makes the most sense,” he added.

A return to mainstream social media seems unlikely for the former president, as the Washington Examiner noted that “Facebook said it had ‘no plans’ to unblock his account and Twitter banned him permanently.”

“I do not celebrate or feel pride in our having to ban @realDonaldTrump from Twitter,” said Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Still, he argued that it “was the right decision for Twitter.”

Dorsey planning to go after others

In video footage released earlier this year by the controversial undercover investigative group Project Veritas, Dorsey seemed far more enthusiastic about Trump’s removal and suggested that he was far from being the only target.

“We are focused on one account [President Trump] right now, but this is going to be much bigger than just one account, and it’s going to go on for much longer than just this day, this week, and the next few weeks, and go on beyond the inauguration,” Dorsey could be heard saying in the video.

“We have to expect that we have to be ready for that,” he said. “So, the focus is certainly on this account, and how it ties to real-world violence.

“But also, we need to think much longer-term around how these dynamics play out over time,” Dorsey added. “I don’t believe this is going away any time soon.”

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26 Responses

        1. My question is why…dont Trump Lawyers indite the Dems and biden for their insurrections? Each of them needs to be accountable for their dangerous actions toward the American people.

  1. Trump will put all other media to shame and will have a huge following, that is one reason the commie dems and media and cdc need to keep people in masks and shut down. They figure they can stop it. Biden firing all Trump attorneys in government except durham – which should tell you all you need to know. Biden kept Wray fbi director which we know is dirty and why he is a friend of Jo and Ho. Anyone he keeps is a betrayer because jo couldn’t have someone in law enforcement that actually arrested the criminals. Go Trump, you have many of us out here that know the voter fraud, starting to come out after damage done. Our Country is being turned into a third world country. I wrote many senators and asked when the executions begin, because I believe this is where things will lead.

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  3. Do it, set it up, I’m certain it will be a non-bs platform, I’m ready to sign up, the way this country country is heading we need a platform that won’t target people speaking their minds, and censoring, and banning people from their social media accounts

  4. Wray is no bettet than that dirtball Comey. What I find hard to believe is that there seems to be no one in the FBI that is honest and dedicated enough to speak up and demand that Wray be investigated.

    1. They won’t stand up and speak out cause they are afraid they will lose their jobs. Money is more important to them than the truth and being honest.

  5. I was really surprised by AG Barr being a traitor…THAT ONE WAS A DISAPPOINTMENT. MR .PRESIDENT I And bunch of friends are with you and would definitely join in…please don’t give up!

  6. I never had a Twitter account and will never open one. I urge all Trump supporters to close their Twitter accounts. That should send them a message. We all can wait for Trump to start a new social platform and join it immediately.

  7. f Donald Trump starts his own you can count me in. this last election was a sham.bafoon cound,t fill a high school stadium. Trumps rallies wer 30 40 50 60
    thousand strong, whats wrong with this picture. any one wiyh half a brain knows of the MVF that took place.The media didn,t help matters either. I blame all this on the liberal media. SHAME SHAME SHAME

  8. Go for it! The majority of people support you! Biden and his corrupt dark left cohorts have already sewer-ed American values and jobs. No one can remain d
    deceived in light of his already destructive edicts. He is evil to the core.
    By the way Dorsey, you may just witness your Twitter viewers just fly away for your choices. We don’t need you.

  9. I HOPE President Trump DOES start his own social media platform… and that he is joined by others such as Lou Dobbs, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Sean Hannity, etc., etc., because the crazy, S.O.B. Radical Liberal Dems (R.L.D.s) are going to be targeting them, soon (or have already done so)!! They have their hooks into Twitter, Facebook, Parler, etc., and will most certainly go after any other conservative sites they find. My concern is that the corrupt Left will exert influence over the Federal Communications Commission, so I hope Trump and others can overcome those obstacles!!! We desperately NEED a variety of RELIABLE sources of information for conservatives and other patriots!!! If done on a registration/membership basis, maybe the S.O.B. R.L.D.s can be kept OUT!!! We are in a most dire situation and pray every day for God to intervene and save our country!!!

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