Trump-style candidates continue to dominate

Fox News reports that a number of Trump-type candidates managed to defeat their establishment opponents in the recently-held New Hampshire Republican primaries. 

It’s just more proof that Republican voters, following Donald Trump’s presidency, are moving away from establishment-type candidates.

The victories

One of the biggest victories was in the Republican primary for one of New Hampshire’s U.S. Senate seats. The race saw Don Bolduc, a retired Army brigadier and a Trump-type candidate, go up against Chuck Morse, the longtime New Hampshire Senate president and an establishment-type Republican.

Morse conceded on Wednesday morning, and shortly thereafter Bolduc declared victory.

“You sent the biggest signal to the establishment tonight,” Bolduc said. “They are going to work for you.”

It was a similar story in the Republican primary for New Hampshire’s First Congressional District, where pro-Trump candidate Karoline Leavitt beat out her establishment opponent, as it was in the race for New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District, where pro-Trump candidate Bob Burns was victorious over his establishment opponent.

Now, Bolduc, Leavitt, and Burns will face off against their Democratic opponents in the upcoming midterm elections.

The backstory

Something worth noting here is that these candidates won without Trump’s help and, seemingly, against all odds.

Fox News reports:

And while Trump uncharacteristically stayed neutral in all three federal primaries, all three MAGA style, populist, outsider contenders in New Hampshire prevailed – in primaries where only a plurality of votes was needed to win – even as they were targeted and massively outspent by more mainstream GOP super PACs and pro-Democratic groups meddling in the Republican primaries.

The victories were celebrated by Trump. “Nice! The “Trumpiest” people ALL won in New Hampshire last night. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!” the former president wrote.

But, the victories were also celebrated by many Democrats who believe that their candidates have a better chance of achieving victory over Trump-style Republicans rather than establishment-type Republicans. In fact, the Washington Examiner reports that, for this reason, the Democratic Party actually spent money – millions of dollars worth – to help get these Trump-type Republicans to win their primaries.

Soon enough we’ll see if the Democrats’ plan works out for them or if it will backfire spectacularly. Republican strategists quoted by the Examiner suggest that a backfire is certainly possible.