Trump threatens to sue Pulitzer board for defamation over refusal to retract sham Russiagate prizes

Years after the Russian collusion conspiracy theory was exposed as a hoax, former President Trump is still seeking redress for being slandered as a foreign spy by some of the nation’s most powerful newspapers.

The former president threatened to sue the Pulitzer Pride Board for defamation over its refusal to retract sham prizes to liberal newspapers that painted Trump as a Russian agent, Fox News reported.

Trump threatens to sue Pulitzer Board

Earlier this year, the board flatly refused Trump’s demand to retract 2018 awards to the anti-Trump Washington Post and New York Times. 

The board had honored the papers for their “relentlessly reported coverage” that “dramatically furthered the nation’s understanding of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and its connections to the Trump campaign, the President-elect’s transition team and his eventual administration.”

The next year, the Trump-Russia narrative dramatically unraveled when Robert Mueller ended his highly publicized investigation with no evidence of collusion. Years later, evidence continues to emerge of an elaborate, Hillary Clinton-backed disinformation campaign trying Trump to Russia.

In a letter to the Pulitzer board Thursday, Trump said that its “arrogant” defense of the awards perpetuates “the absurdly false and defamatory narrative contrived by the President’s political opponents” that Trump stole the election with Russia’s help, and then governed as a Russian puppet.

“The Board and its members acted not only with reckless disregard for the truth, but with authentic animosity and malice toward President Trump and the desire to cause him true harm. As such, the members of the Board are individually liable for the publication of the Defamatory Statement,” the letter said.

No accountability?

Trump also issued a statement renewing his call for the phony awards to be revoked, saying it’s a necessary step to restore journalistic credibility.

“The Russia, Russia, Russia hoax has been totally debunked. The fake news media covered it incorrectly – reporting exactly the opposite of what actually happened. Yet, the Pulitzer Board has not rescinded the prizes they awarded for reporting that was inaccurate, inept, and corrupt,” Trump said.

The collusion theory was based on pretextual innuendo contained in a notorious dossier that Clinton’s 2016 campaign paid for, and which the FBI would use to spy on Trump’s campaign.

The FBI made the shocking admission this week that it offered to pay the dossier’s author $1 million to corroborate it, which he was unable to do.

Special Counsel John Durham is currently prosecuting a Russian source for the dossier, Igor Danchenko. A Clinton campaign lawyer was acquitted earlier this year of lying to the FBI, and an FBI lawyer who manipulated evidence was sentenced to probation.