‘I predicted it all’: Trump unloads on Biden about border crisis

Donald Trump is saying “I told you so” as the Biden administration attempts to blame him for a self-inflicted immigration disaster.

The former president unloaded on Biden for “destroying” America with radical policies that have left the border effectively open in an interview with Fox News Channel’s Harris Faulkner on Monday. “I predicted it all,” Trump said.

“Millions” added to population illegally

Under Biden, Trump said, migrants are “just pouring into our country,” resulting in potentially “millions” of new people added to the population. Trump said the Biden team seems to hold a “political theory” which says it’s a “good thing” to leave the border defenseless.

“People are just pouring into our country and they will destroy our country,” Trump said. “They’ll have millions of people before this mess is over.”

The Biden administration has officially admitted to border crossings reaching 20-year highs, but Trump suggested they could be at an all-time peak — not an unreasonable guess as Biden comes under fire for leaving journalists and the public in the dark.

Trump released a statement Sunday ripping DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for a “huge cover-up.”


Mayorkas asserts the border is “closed” and blames Trump’s “cruel” policies for the mess, but Trump says he is not surprised that Biden is trying to pass the buck after taking credit for the COVID vaccine.

Trump told Faulkner that “rank amateurs” in the Biden administration driven by an “ideology” that prioritizes the rest of the world are replacing his America first policies with “crazy” ones, noting that Biden is allowing migrants into the country without so much as a court date.

Contrasting the weakness of Biden’s approach with his own, Trump recalled how countries like Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Mexico were treating Americans “like amateurs” before he pressured them to cooperate with keeping immigration flows under control. “Why are we supposed to take care of the world, and in many cases the world’s criminals?” he asked.

“Bernie Sanders on steroids”

Those countries are not sending “their finest,” Trump said, warning that violent criminals are finding their way into America with little resistance. “You have criminals, you have murderers, you have sex traffickers, you have a lot of very bad people coming into our country. And they’re doing nothing about it,” he said.

Trump also said that Biden is turning out to be like “Bernie Sanders on steroids” and that, under Biden, “woke” ideology is hurting America in its competition with China. “They’re destroying our country. Very simple,” Trump said.

“They’re destroying it with woke,” he continued. “When China looks at woke, and they see the biggest problem we have is Dr. Seuss, in the meantime they’re building factories and trying to kill us in so many different ways. They laugh at us, they think we’re so … frankly, they think our country is stupid.”

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13 Responses

  1. I am a small business person, and my Husband also have a Company, he hire skilled people, also he is from Europe and I also from Europe, we both came her Legally , we are educated and we had savings, so we did not have to depend on the US government, I think it is unfair , that Biden have to bring in all these emigrants , and they have no education, tax papers like my husband and I have to support them, our taxes is going to raised , our property taxes also
    is going up high, we lived in a are that house start for 1,000,000 Tressa Hjorth



      1. Very well stated!!!! Those who legally come here, deserve “Kuddo’s” for coming the legal way, doing it right (& paying for it), as true American’s. Why should we American’s pay for “illegal” (against the law) crossings into this great country.

  2. President Trump is right on! We the people should just demand that President be put back in office since the Democrats cheated to put Biden in. This man Biden has no idea what he is doing. It looks like Obama is trying to destroy the United States. Our Military had better wake up.

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  4. The whole world is laughing at the US. They think we are more than stupid; they think we are insane. Maybe they are correct!!!

  5. Agree with all posts! This fiasco is definitely what Obama has wanted all along! HE is the one laughing at our stupidity, along with the world! Our once great country reduced to nothing, all because a feeble minded old man, bieng used as a pawn, was put into the presidency( not elected but installed) in order to destroy us! Wake up people, we are in deep trouble! The longer this illegitimate president( I use the term loosely) is in office, the worse it will get! Biden, Harris, Piglosi and Schumer must be removed by any means possible to save our country from disaster!

  6. “Idiocy” and “stupidity” are the ones sitting in the office of the Presidency and the ones who support him!

  7. Folks if you like being American and a lot say they are but news casters CNN, MSNBC, CBS AbC these news chanells are not honest,they are in the back pocket of big tech and they don;t care about us,all they care about is their power and money.

    1. Thank you!!!! They are to blame for their “brainwashing” of lies; which the gullible, ignorant and blind; chose to believe. If they had told the truth, the last few years, this would have been a better country & eyes would be opened to what actually is going on among the Democrat crooks.

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