Trump wants Republicans to explain abortion laws better

Former President Donald Trump discussed his views on abortion recently during an interview with Wayne Allyn Root, a conservative talk show host.

During the interview, Trump and Root touched on the subject of Democrats using the abortion issue — especially the overturning of Roe v. Wade — to fearmonger its base to get to the polls for the upcoming midterm elections. 

Trump’s thoughts were simple: Republicans need to do a better job of explaining the issue.

Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media continue to spread false information in telling viewers and constituents that abortion “rights” have been “taken away.”

Trump’s views

Some hardcore pro-lifers might not agree with Trump on his “certain standard” of abortion rules.

Trump believes, much like President Ronald Reagan did, that there should still be exceptions for rape, incest, and for medical emergencies with the mother.

In the wake of the overturning of Roe, many red states have either passed or attempted to pass, strict abortion-related information, with some states pushing for outright and total bans.

Democrats have pounced on the situation, promoting some blue states as abortion “sanctuaries.”

Focus on the issues

It was decided during the interview by Root, and millions will probably agree, that while abortion is important, it’s the kitchen table issues that will ultimately bring voters out on Nov. 8.

Topics such as high gas prices, which continue to climb under President Joe Biden, high food costs, and the overall impact of inflation will be the key to Republicans’ victories across the country.

Trump noted during his Saturday night rally in Nevada that he believes Democrats’ “radical” views only serve to make the Republican Party stronger.

“The radical left thinks by doing all these sinister and venomous things, they are making us weaker,” he told the crowd, “but actually, they are making us stronger and much more unified than ever before – I really believe that!”