Trump warns Hunter Biden charges would be a ‘charade’, prelude to indicting Trump

Donald Trump warned supporters at a rally in Nevada to watch out for the latest scheme by the FBI to target his “America First” movement.

The former president cautioned that the DOJ appears to be preparing “minor” charges against Hunter Biden as a politically motivated prelude to charging Trump, Breitbart reported.

Trump warns of FBI ‘charade’

Long-running speculation of Hunter Biden’s criminal liability appeared to get a little more serious after the regime-friendly Washington Post reported that investigators are gathering enough evidence for charges on tax and gun crimes.

But Trump sounded skeptical that Biden’s Justice Department will bring charges commensurate to Hunter’s alleged crimes, saying any charges will be a “charade.”

“But are they actually going to do the right thing and hold the Bidens accountable or is this just a charade and an excuse to continue targeting me and our movement of make America great again and America First? I don’t know,” Trump said.

The DOJ could be aiming to create a misleading pretense of fairness so that the American people will accept criminal charges against Trump, the former president suggested.

“I think they want to target us, and they make it look a little bit more fair when they throw out a couple of charges about Hunter. Now you know what’s happening. It’s a disgrace. What’s happening in this country, and it is prosecutorial misconduct. And the people in this country aren’t going to take it.”

Another hoax?

As if on cue, liberal pundits appear to be embracing charges against Hunter if they lead to charges for Trump.

The FBI’s apparent role in protecting the Bidens before the 2020 election certainly suggests there could be some ulterior motive in the DOJ’s case against Hunter. Not to mention, the FBI hasn’t exactly treated Trump fairly over the years, as he reminded supporters in Nevada.

The former president ripped the Mar-A-Lago “document hoax” as a political crackdown by Biden’s “police state,” and a continuation of an effort to weaponize law enforcement against Trump and his supporters that started with the FBI’s surveillance of his 2016 campaign.

“For six straight years, the witch hunts, hoaxes, and abuses have been coming at us fast and furious,” Trump said.