Trump's approval rating hits lowest point in seven years

 December 15, 2022

Former President Donald Trump announced in November that he will make another White House run in 2024. However, a new report contains some very bad news for the Republican frontrunner. 

According to the Washington Examiner, a recent poll found that many Americans came away deeply disturbed by comments Trump made about the Constitution, with just over half saying that they should preclude him from taking the oath of office.

Trump denies wanting to "terminate" the Constitution

The controversy began earlier this month when Twitter owner Elon Musk released internal company documents which show that the company secretly worked to help Democrats during the 2020 election.

This included deleting tweets which were critical of Joe Biden as well as taking "extraordinary steps" to suppress reporting on Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop.

That led Trump to declare on his social media platform, "A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution."

He later clarified his remarks, saying, "The Fake News is actually trying to convince the American People that I said I wanted to 'terminate' the Constitution."

"This is simply more DISINFORMATION & LIES, just like RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, and all of their other HOAXES & SCAMS," Trump insisted.

"What I said was that when there is 'MASSIVE & WIDESPREAD FRAUD & DECEPTION,' as has been irrefutably proven in the 2020 Presidential Election, steps must be immediately taken to RIGHT THE WRONG. Only FOOLS would disagree with that and accept STOLEN ELECTIONS. MAGA!"

Trump's approval rating hits lowest point in seven years

However, a survey published this week by Quinnipiac University found that some 51% of registered voters think "Trump should be disqualified from running for president again" based on his remarks.

The poll also found that disapproval rating stands at 59%, representing the former president's worst number since 2015.

"Is it a ripple of doubt or a growing tidal wave of rejection?" Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy wondered.

"Former President Trump's post presidential announcement numbers are heading in the wrong direction," the pollster went on to point out.

"You would have to go back at least six years to find less support for him from Republican, independent and American voters as a whole," Malloy added.

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