Tucker Carlson: ‘For the People Act’ could end free and fair elections

Last year, Rep. John Sarbanes (D-MD) introduced H.R. 1, a sprawling piece of legislation titled the “For the People Act.” His bill has the support of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who says it promotes “transparency” and “unity.”

Fox News personality Tucker Carlson has a very different view on the legislation. According to him, it could spell the end of free and fair elections.

“The ‘For The People Act’ is the foundation of the Democratic Party strategy to control the federal government well into your grandchildren’s middle age,” Carlson warned Monday on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

“The bill begins by declaring that — contrary to Article I of the United States Constitution — Congress has an ‘ultimate supervisory power over federal elections,'” he noted.

The end of fair elections?

Carlson continued, “Under our current law, states get to decide how much fraud they will tolerate: Florida requires you to show photo identification in order to vote. California just wants you to vote Democrat.”

“If H.R. 1 passes, all 50 states will be California — the entire country will have ballot harvesting and mail-in voting,” he said. “Think about that.”

Carlson said that under the bill’s provisions, people “could freely go house to house and apartment to apartment collecting unknown thousands of ballots and then dump them all in a ballot dropbox.”

“No one would have any idea if those ballots had been tampered with at any point along the way or would there be any way to prove it if they had been tampered with,” he added.

Dems: Voting complaints are racist

“H.R. 1 also makes it harder for election observers to file complaints about any of this because complaining is racist,” Carlson said. This, the Fox host declared, “is suicidal for democracy and no other free country would tolerate it.”

The host argued that such legislation would make incidents like the rioting at the Capitol earlier this month more common because many Americans will regard their elections as illegitimate.

“According to the Democrats, the lesson of that terrible day was that we needed more of the corrupt policies that caused it in the first place,” Carlson said.

“We need more mail-in voting, we need more ballot harvesting: More corruption! That will unite the country,” he concluded sarcastically.

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10 Responses

  1. I am not surprised about their new attempt to be in charge forever. That is how they won this election. I don’t care what anyone says it was corrupt and Biden did not win fairly. Just look at how many people went to Trump rallies and how many went to Biden’s. There is no way he won the election fairly. Now with them in charge they think they can change the constitution and do whatever they want. Like Impeaching Trump, there is no reason to except the fact they want to get rid of him for good. He did not incite the riot. He has his usual speech. There were Antifa people there and probably BLM people. I don’t believe Republicans started the riot. It was planned by the Democrats ahead of time. If John Roberts won’t even preside over it because he feels it is unconstitutional and the Constitution says he is supposed to. So as usual the Democrats make up their own rules, constitutional or not.

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  3. The communists or sometimes called democrats control my great state of California and now the US by fraud and deceit. The education, political and general working environment(Hollywood -unions etc)is /are oriented leftist. I am to old to leave the swamp in this state but now it is the whole country. The fools they have produced don’t understand where they are where they are headed. They are dumbed down and are used to keep the power.

  4. Do things right. Is that so hard? For some it is. Bad thing is, then they wonder why an objection is made. ID cards, one vote per person, no name, no vote, people of both parties watch. What is so hard?

  5. No machines to count the votes! We see now they cannot be trusted in this day and age. Too many can hack or tamper with them. Paper ballots and Voter ID – IN PERSON (only absentees should be required to have doctor excuses…and out of state voters should need to come back to the state to vote no more than 2 months before the election…and the paper ballots kept under lock and key in a sealed envelope not to be opened until the voting day. If the seal is broken, they must be thrown out. ) Also at least 3 from each party should oversee the ballot boxes at ALL times and be able to question, look and observe, making sure all ballots are untouched by any other person other than the voter.

  6. I would care less if I picked up the morning paper and read that Sarbanes, Pelosi, AOC and the “squad” all caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Look at pictures of the president’s cabinet…. All faces of EVIL. The rapture of Revelation is here NOW.

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