Tucker Carlson blasts media for just now noticing Biden’s cognitive decline

Fox News host Tucker Carlson wondered on Friday’s show where media figures on the left have been for the last three-and-a-half years as they finally began to speak this week about President Joe Biden’s mental decline.

“He tends to shuffle sometimes because he has, you know, mobility issues that the doctors have identified,” Peter Baker of the New York Times wrote. “He sometimes, his speeches tend to be a little listless or he seems to momentarily get confused or have trouble summoning names.”

“A third of them, the largest number said age, that he was too old. That is a problem that’s not going to get better. He’s not going to get younger,” David Axelrod of CNN said.

“I think there are a lot of people who have looked at him over these last years and see he isn’t what he used to be 10 years ago,” Nia Malika Henderson said.

Asking questions

“He does badly, when he stumbles, you get nervous and you wonder, is it just a stutter? Is he tired or something else?  … Listen, if anybody says the Democrats aren’t beginning to have these questions behind closed doors, that’s not true. People are,” political consultant Van Jones said.

Carlson made the point that Biden’s cognitive decline has been quite evident since he began campaigning for the presidency in 2019, but where were all these people then?

“The fact that Joe Biden is president is an indictment of the media and the Democratic Party because they have known. Contrary to what they’re telling you now, Joe Biden’s decline, his fullblown senility has been obvious for more than three years,” Carlson said.

Carlson first pointed out Biden’s mental decline in May 2019 by playing a clip of him campaigning.

Responding to a question about tariffs, Biden said:

“I’ll answer this question. The answer is yes, I do. The president has done nothing but increase the tariffs, the debt and the trade deficit. They way you have to proceed is we have to have our allies with us. It’s not just us. We have to keep the rest of the world together. Secondly, we should, labor should be at the table as well as our allies, because that’s the only thing and the fourth thing we should do is be focusing on the things that, in fact, I’ve been talking about for a long time. China’s greatest violation is the way in which they steal our intellectual property. We should make it quid pro quo, as I’ve told when I was dealing with Xi Jinping. It should be simple. Here’s the deal. You say that in fact anything has to be owned 50% by Chinese to invest in China. Guess what? In America, it’s the same thing. This idea of dealing with all, the only people who are paying the price our farmers and working people right now. He’s going about it all the wrong way. A lot of bravado, no action.”

Verbal Jackson Pollack painting

“Not a single phrase in a full minute of talking conveyed an intelligible idea, not one,” Carlson said. “That wasn’t even word salad. It was a verbal Jackson Pollack painting. Nouns, verbs, adjectives spilled like cans of paint bleeding into each other—a sticky, post-modern mess. At one point, Biden actually jumped from point two directly to point four just to let you know that your old-fashioned linear assumptions about numerical sequencing are no good here, man. That’s yesterday’s mathematics.”

Carlson said he talked to someone who was there in those days of campaigning, who anonymously said that Biden was given drugs to make him able to function, and that he was like a small child when he wasn’t taking the medications.

The Democratic Party “will say literally anything, no matter how implausible or immoral, if it brings them more power,” Carlson concluded. “They knew exactly how incapacitated Joe Biden was. They lied about it and the disaster we’re living with today is a direct result of their lying and it’s getting worse. It’s humiliating.”

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