Tucker Carlson calls ongoing civil unrest a ‘class war masquerading as a race conflict’

In the wake of a viral video showing a Kenosha, Wisconsin, police officer repeatedly shoot a Black man in the back, that community became the nation’s latest hotbed of civil unrest.

As Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson argued, however, the true motivating force behind these often destructive demonstrations appears to be more about the Democratic Party’s desire to stoke a class war and less about racial inequalities.

“Then nightfall came”

His on-air remarks stemmed from a discussion of the Republican National Convention speech by Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the Missouri couple who brandished firearms outside of their home as protesters entered their gated community.

As part of their address, the McCloskeys warned that what happened to them could happen to any other suburban homeowners who stood up against violence and property damage in their neighborhoods. In addition to being pilloried on social media and a range of pundits, the couple faced possible criminal charges, though Republican Gov. Mike Parson signaled that he would pardon them if convicted.

Carlson used the couple’s point to highlight the widespread disturbances in Kenosha that erupted a short time after their prerecorded address.

“And then nightfall came, and once again the mob descended on Kenosha, Wisconsin,” he said. “And we learned that the CNN panel was lying to us. Joe Biden’s voters really are a threat to you and your family.”

The host praised the majority of locals, which he said consisted largely of Hispanic Americans, for choosing not to participate in the protests.

“Exactly what it is”

“That’s what working people do — they work,” Carlson said. “They don’t riot. As if we needed more evidence that this is actually a class war masquerading as a race conflict. That’s exactly what it is. It’s designed to crush America’s middle class, and it’s working.”

He went on to air a clip of one local resident expressing frustration and confusion over the looting that left her small business destroyed.

“Nobody stopped them from burning down her business or burning down the city,” Carlson complained. “The Kenosha County Democratic Party didn’t stop them. The Democratic Party of Kenosha decided to embrace the mob.”

The line of criticism echoes President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, which argues that the national Democratic Party — and its presidential nominee, Joe Biden — are allowing, if not encouraging, the devolution of protests into mob violence.

As demonstrations continue and Americans in more communities see their homes and businesses threatened, the views of Carlson and others are likely to become more popular.

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