‘That should be illegal’: Tucker Carlson denounces mandates requiring kids to wear masks

Even as millions of Americans are now fully vaccinated against COVID-19, Michigan made headlines recently for expanding its face mask mandate to cover children as young as 2 years old.

That news did not sit well with Fox News Channel personality Tucker Carlson — and his response has raised more than a few eyebrows.

“Keep calling until someone arrives”

“As for forcing children to wear masks outside, that should be illegal,” he told his audience on Tuesday evening.

He went on to proclaim that the response of individuals who see children with their faces covered “should be no different from your response to seeing someone beat a kid in Walmart.”

Carlson encouraged his viewers to call the police or child protective services in such a scenario.

“Keep calling until someone arrives,” he said. “If it’s your own children being abused, then act accordingly. Let’s say your kid’s school emailed you and announced that every day after lunch, your sixth-grader was going to get punched in the face by a teacher. How would you respond to that?”

Equating that physical abuse to mask requirements, Carlson added: “That’s precisely how you should respond when they tell you that your kids have to wear masks on the soccer field.”

“They just pretend that you’re serious”

He called the mandates “unacceptable” and “dangerous,” lamenting that “too few of us have responded like that,” choosing instead to remain “shamefully passive in the face of all of this.”

Later in the broadcast, the host took aim at those behind rules mandating face masks for children, complaining: “The people making these demands don’t own America. They didn’t build America. They can’t build anything. They can’t. And they’re not allowed to wreck it.”

While progressive pundits were quick to denounce Carlson’s rhetoric and express outrage over the insinuation that he was encouraging people to file false police reports, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro accused them of deliberately misconstruing his true intent.

“There’s this game that people in the media like to play, which is that if you say something that is a joke or sarcastic, they just pretend that you’re serious so they can critique the point,” he said.

As Shapiro went on to argue, Carlson’s argument was “that you’ve got a bunch of morons who’ve been calling the cops on people who are unmasked outdoors, and he’s saying that it’s significantly more maniacal to make a 2-year-old maks outdoors.”

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