Tucker Carlson says the real political divide is the ‘big’ against the ‘small’

The real divide in American politics is not the conventional “right, left” distinction, but that of the “big” against the “small,” says Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

In a captivating speech, Carlson host told a crowd of young conservatives at a Turning Point USA event that the biggest threat to America is a “consolidation of power” by a few interests that are trying to crush ordinary people, RealClearPolitics reported.

The big against the small

In wide-ranging remarks, Carlson said that “big,” powerful entities like Google, Amazon and the FBI are working against “small” working-class people and institutions that support their safety and happiness, like families, small businesses and local police departments.

Carlson described how he came to this realization this summer, as he watched rich and powerful corporations get behind the rioting and cultural upheaval that followed the death of George Floyd.

As so-called “anti-capitalist” activists burned down small businesses and targeted rank-and-file police officers, Carlson said it was apparent that corporate interests were in fact bankrolling “shock troops” to terrorize and destroy potential competitors. Carlson and others have made similar points about the coronavirus lockdowns and the boon they have provided to mega-corporations like Amazon.

He noted that this insight doesn’t jibe with the “left, right” divide that he and many others are familiar with, which imagines a conflict between capitalism and centralized government as the be all, end all of politics. “I used to see the world in terms, purely left and right. And I was and will remain on the right,” he said. But, he added, “maybe it’s a matter of the big versus the small, the powerful versus the powerless, the corporate versus the independent.”

Family first

For fans of Carlson, these points were as well spoken as expected, but not necessarily surprising; the Fox host is known for savaging America’s ruling class, especially corporate America and its impact on the stability of society, in ways that challenge conventional thinking.

Carlson has garnered an enormous audience with his perceptive commentary, recently becoming the first cable host ever to net more than 5 million viewers for two consecutive months, Fox News reported.

In his speech, Carlson went on to decry “corporate values” taking over American life, noting that big corporations are often the ones pushing a destructive ideology “at war with nature” that undermines family cohesion¬† — not necessarily “leftists” — and that these interests demand that workers bind themselves more closely to corporations than their own families.

Watch Carlson’s speech below:

Carlson tied this commentary with some advice, urging his young audience to focus on what really matters — family — and resist pressure to conform to a fraudulent meritocracy that produces misery and phony “merit badges.” (See: Jill Biden.) “No amount of money, and no amount of praise from the world’s dumb people, no amount of fake awards […] none of that means anything,” he said. “And none of that is worth betraying what you know to be true.”

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