Poll shows Tucker Carlson with large following for possible 2024 presidential run

With his provocative and courageous commentary on current events, Tucker Carlson has solidified his status as one of the most popular and significant figures in American conservatism.

A new Zogby poll adds to existing buzz about a potential White House bid by the Fox News host in 2024, the Washington Examiner reported. 

The survey of U.S. business leaders finds Carlson doing at least as well as Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) against liberal celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Meghan Markle.

Poll is favorable to Carlson 2024 speculation

One wonders if Carlson, who rails against corporate America on an almost nightly basis, would be flattered by the approval of business leaders.

But the survey is another indication of his potential viability as an electoral candidate. As the most consistent, thorough, and articulate advocate of the conservative base around, Carlson is seen by many as a fitting successor to Trump and an apt leader of the “America First” movement Trump started.

The most popular cable news host, Carlson already has a large following, and he possesses the sine qua non for any would-be successor to Trump: the left perceives him to be a threat. For weeks, the liberal media have been shouting about Carlson seemingly non-stop.

He faced down yet another attempt to cancel his show after making candid comments on demographic change, and his skepticism of the coronavirus vaccine is continuing to drive critics up a wall. He even earned the rare distinction of being singled out by a newly “woke” Pentagon recently.

Carlson campaign rumors stay alive

There’s no question that Carlson, more than almost any figure on the right, “gets it.”

On any given weeknight, Carlson speaks directly to the conservative base on the issues that concern them, from mass immigration to Big Tech censorship, and he is a trenchant critic of a Republican Party that is frequently out of touch with its own voters on these critical matters.

The question is whether Carlson plans to continue in his current role as the GOP’s most powerful critic or challenge the party directly in the political arena.

The field of candidates in 2024 is likely to be crowded, but for now the two contenders receiving the most buzz are Trump and DeSantis, who has garnered praise with actions on COVID lockdowns, critical race theory, and other matters.

Carlson has not given any indications that he plans to run, but his singular importance to the right ensure the rumors are unlikely to dissipate anytime soon.

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19 Responses

  1. I like Carson I listen to his show but I’m still backing President Trump and DeSantis and I would hope that these two win the 2024 presidential election as we need this powerhouse of president Trump and vice president DeSantis.

      1. President Donald J. Trump is still my President. The creepy animals that stole the 2020 election will see the way Americans take such a beating under the Faux President China Joe Biden they will vote DJT in a landslide in 2024. They will lose the House and Senate in 2022. Good riddance to the thieves.

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  3. I’m still for Trump/DeSantis team. Probably in the future DeSantis/Carlson team would be very good.

    1. I agree. Tucker has one “plus” and that is his courage to speak up. But between Tucker and Trump? Come on people, get real…Tucker does not stand a chance.
      It’s just a tease…That’s actually the biggest problem with Republicans; They tease and promise and turn against each other. The Democrats lie and cheat and stick together.
      The question now becomes: What do we do? Sit there and whine? Or admit that we have to take charge by getting involved?
      Hold up you “Drivers-License”, everyone can do that no matter how old you are. And say: ” I will vote showing this FIRST.” If the Election Official says she /he does not need to see it, turn them in…Fight back. Good Lord people this is OUR country, not China’s.

  4. When they put Oprah or lying Markle against ant gop person it’s a real joke. Markle is a social climbing slut. Love tucker but need trump or DeSantis.

  5. I don’t care right now. America can’t wait for any election. We need to take America back now. Joe Biden’s destruction of America is getting worse. Impeachment or something to get these Nazis out of office now. Enough with the talk about a year or more.. America’s freedoms are getting lost to democrats who want power and money. Enough with the talk..do anything now. Joe Biden and his administration has to go down now!

  6. Tucker would be far better than any Democrat, but if Trump runs, Tucker will not beat him.

  7. I’M sticking with TRUMP and hoping DeSantis is his running mate! I think tucker would make a great POTUS but I know TRUMP IS and will be THE GREATIST POTUS THIS COUNTRY has had and will be again PERIOD! This country is a business and there is no better businessman in the country than DONALD J TRUMP! He proved it his first four years AND HE WILL AGAIN I HAVE NO DOUT PERIOD! He will go down in history as the greatest POTUS this country has ever had!

  8. You all want to help take back America? Well, stop wearing damn masks, for the coronavirus pandemic is as fake as the Democrats being Americans is. Trump and DeSantis. Pence screwed America by not having the backbone to use the Constitution to stop this Biden Administration when he could. Don’t trust Tucker as he’s still on Fox News, and Fox removed Judge Jeanine who was as patriotic as anyone could be. Like the one post above says, Republicans act together but aren’t. To many rinos in the GOP.

  9. i would never vote for tucker he doesn’t have enough brains to run for president to wishy washer .

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