Tucker Carlson releases a year-end video recapping 'Biden's biggest blunders'

 December 27, 2022

Tucker Carlson just released a video recapping the numerous blunders that President Joe Biden has made during his presidency. 

The video is called The Joe Biden Christmas Special. It is available to subscribers of Fox Nation.

"Fox Nation is giving subscribers the gift of humor this holiday season, as Fox News host Tucker Carlson highlights the best Joe Biden blunders Americans have seen yet," Fox reports.

"Though it's not all humorous," Fox continues. "Carlson describes Americans under the second year of the Biden administration as 'poor and disgruntled as they have ever been,' and explains how major cities have been affected by open drug use, referring to the 'wafting aroma of methamphetamine on our streets.'"

A preview

Just before Christmas, on an episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson provided a preview of The Joe Biden Christmas Special. 

The preview can be found here. It starts off with a game called, "What did Joe just say."

The preview shows Biden, on countless different occasions, saying something that is completely unintelligible. For example, on one occasion Biden says something that has best been translated as "vadakelkeir." In another example, Biden says something along the lines of "iwasinfoothimuvfoot."

This, though, is just one of many different types of gaffes that Biden has made and that Carlson captures in The Joe Biden Christmas Special. 

Other gaffes, for example, include a particularly well-known one in which Biden, during a speech, accidentally read the part of the teleprompter that said, "end of quote. repeat the line."

There's more

We have only scratched the surface of what The Joe Biden Christmas Special has to offer.

"Just some of the moments highlighted in the special include the infamous Biden bike ride when the president took a tumble, Biden confusing his wife with his sister, and the commander-in-chief discussing little kids touching his leg hair in the swimming pool," Fox reports.

You will find yourself struggling not to laugh while watching the video.

But, there is certainly a sad aspect to it, which stems, in part, from the fact that this video, which is packed full of innumerable errors, features the current president of the United States - the man who is supposed to be leading our country. Is it any wonder that America is doing so poorly under Biden's leadership?

The Joe Biden Christmas Special is sure to be a classic, something that future generations will look back on. Perhaps it will be shown in a future history class as an example to students of just how bad things got here in America.

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