Tucker Carlson says Biden should be impeached for selling emergency oil reserves to China

Tucker Carlson called for President Biden to be impeached for selling strategic U.S. oil supplies to China in the middle of an energy crisis, the Daily Caller reports.

“That is not an indictable offense? It’s certainly an impeachable one,” Carlson said on his top-rated Fox News show.

Carlson calls for Biden to be impeached

According to a new report in Reuters, 5 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) have gone to China, India, and the Netherlands even as many Americans pay $5 for a gallon of gas.

Carlson balked at Biden’s “indictable” action and suggested he should be removed from office.

“So as gas prices set records in this country, as American citizens who were born here and vote and pay taxes, cannot afford to fuel their own cars, the Biden Administration is selling off our emergency oil reserve to China,” Carlson said.

Back in March, Biden announced he would begin releasing 1 million barrels of oil a day from the SPR to ease the pain of “Putin’s price hike” for American consumers. The SPR is now at its lowest level since 1986.

Biden’s decision to drain emergency oil reserves, Carlson said, is a “criminal” political calculation to avoid being held accountable by voters for a reckless energy policy.

Biden’s end game

But Biden isn’t just using up America’s vital energy reserves as a campaign tool. Adding insult to injury, he’s sending them off to America’s top enemy.

Biden may have personal reasons for the bewildering policy, Carlson said, noting that Biden’s family has financial ties to China. The Washington Free Beacon reports that Biden has sold nearly 1 million barrels to a Chinese state-run energy company, Sinopec, with ties to Hunter Biden.

Ironically, Carlson noted, China and India are already being glutted with billions of dollars in cheap oil from Russia because of energy sanctions Biden introduced in response to the war in Ukraine.

Biden said the sanctions would come with “costs” that Americans would have to bear to cripple Russia’s economy. But Russia doesn’t seem to be hurting at all. Americans are, though. As Carlson put it, it’s hard to avoid reaching the conclusion that Biden is purposefully sabotaging the United States.

“This is how we are punishing our enemies? By selling off our own most valuable assets and watching Russia and India and, my God, China get richer?”

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