Tucker Carlson slams ABC for ignoring New York Post story at Biden town hall

Fox News host Tucker Carlson just exposed the Democratic orchestration behind the recently held town hall events. The two events took place on Thursday night with President Donald Trump on NBC and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on ABC.

Carlson began Friday night’s program by highlighting the irony that Trump and Biden weren’t allowed to debate each other due to concerns about spreading the coronavirus, yet they both were in rooms surrounded by people. The Fox News host suggested that the real reason Trump and Biden didn’t debate is because Biden didn’t want to face up to a recent bombshell New York Post report. The report alleges that, based on information found on Biden’s son Hunter’s laptop, that Hunter used his father’s position as vice president to get rich by doing business overseas, and that Biden knew about it.

The cover-up

Biden, according to Carlson, didn’t want to have to talk about this, so the powers that be made sure that he didn’t have to. Hence, separate town hall events were held, they were controlled by the mainstream media, and not once during the 90-minute event did Biden have to account for the Post revelation.

Carlson said:

Friday afternoon, we received nonpublic information that proves conclusively this was indeed Hunter Biden’s laptop, period. There are materials on the hard drive of that computer that no one but Hunter Biden could have known about or have replicated. This is not a Russian hoax. Again, we’re saying this definitively. We’re not speculating. The laptop in question is real. It belonged to Hunter Biden. So there is no excuse for not asking about it, none. But they didn’t ask about it. It was a cover-up in real time.

More proof

Carlson went on to highlight just how orchestrated the ABC event appears to have been.

It was hosted by ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, who has strong ties to the Democratic party. He was, after all, a member of former president Bill Clinton’s administration. Not only this, but, as Carlson pointed out, “It turns out George Stephanopoulos, the moderator of last night’s ABC town hall, was not the only political operative in the room.”

Carlson continued: “One supposedly uncommitted voter was, in fact, a former Obama administration speechwriter called Nathan Osburn. Osburn repeated Biden campaign talking points to the letter, at one point referring to court-packing as a safeguard ‘that’ll help ensure more long-term balance and stability’ on the Supreme Court.”

Media’s disgrace on full display

While Biden was on ABC surrounded by, in Carlson’s words, “sycophants and former employees of his party,” Trump was on NBC where “moderator Savannah Guthrie asked him dozens more questions than the voters in the room got to ask. And when Trump began speaking, Guthrie interrupted him over and over again.”

Carlson did end on a positive note, however. He predicted that the mainstream media is “so bad and so transparent that it can’t continue,” and that, therefore, “There will be a massive realignment in the media no matter who wins.” See the full clip below:

Let’s hope Carlson is as correct about this as he is about how ridiculous the so-called town hall events were.

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