Tucker Carlson slams Dems for changing tune on COVID vax side effects

Democrats and other left-leaning figures all but erased former President Donald Trump’s “Operation: Warp Speed” from existence in the early days of spreading the good word about the COVID-19 vaccine.

But according to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, as the instances of side effects and other undesirable consequences from the vaccine continue to pile up, suddenly, Democrats have once again remembered that the vaccine came about when Trump was still in office, and they’re quietly shifting the blame of negative vaccine stories onto the former president. 

Carlson blasted the left in a unique monologue, laden with heavy sarcasm, regarding the origins of the vaccine and how Trump should be receiving all the blame since the vaccine was developed on his watch.

The takedown came in the wake of Democrats raising concerns about the rushed nature of the vaccine.

They got him (not really)

Carlson went all out in what was a hilarious look at the asinine behavior of the left, and their constant sea of change as far as taking credit when things go right and assigning blame when things go wrong.

“Well, they finally got Big Orange. You were starting to think it could never happen. How could it happen?” Carlson said in his intro.

He added: “Once you accused a man of racism, fascism, sexism, embezzlement, perjury, sex crimes, mental illness, treason (The last of which, by the way, is a death penalty offense, let us remind you) and then you impeach him twice on related grounds and after that, you send the FBI to his home to seize a handwritten welcome letter from Barack Obama, which turns out to be a state secret possession of which is a serious felony.”

“What, ladies and gentlemen, did Donald Trump do? We can now tell you. Donald Trump created the COVID vaccine. He did that himself and on purpose, with malice aforethought.”

Accelerated approval

Politico recently noted that an investigation resulting from the work of the Coronavirus Subcommittee found “that the Trump administration pressured the Food and Drug Administration to authorize the first COVID-19 vaccines on an accelerated timeline. Following this?”

“In the words of South Carolina Congressman James Clyburn, Donald Trump ‘assaulted’ our nation’s public health institutions with this poison, the so-called vaccine, and in doing so ‘undermined our nation’s coronavirus response.’ That’s what Trump did and here’s the worst part. No one knew Trump was doing it,” Carlson added.

Carlson would go on to point to several emerging data points that suggest the COVID vaccine is possibly doing more harm than good at this point. It’ll be interesting to see the full blame shift happen when even more horrific stats emerge, proving that in many cases, Dems pushing the vaccine was very possibly a huge and deadly mistake.

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