Carlson promises to ‘take a very close look’ at voter fraud evidence from Georgia

Many members of the mainstream media have spent months dismissing the suggestion that last year’s presidential race was tainted by voter fraud.

One such figure who bucks this trend, however, is Fox News Channel personality Tucker Carlson, who promised his audience this week that evidence exists to bolster the fraud argument.

“It’s worth knowing”

According to the Washington Examiner, Carlson made his pledge on Monday after reminding viewers that election integrity was not something on which he had spent a lot of time focusing.

“There are some very irresponsible claims going around that in the end couldn’t be proven because they weren’t true,” he said. “But there are also some claims that may be true, and it’s worth knowing.”

For those who “care about democracy,” Carlson said it is imperative to know whether fraud was a factor in the recent election.

“Well again, on Wednesday, we are going to take a very close look at that, including some new evidence from Fulton County, Georgia,” he vowed.

Expanding on the topic, Carlson went on to call out Vice President Kamala Harris for her recent claim that rural Americans would have a hard time complying with new voter identification laws.

“Desperate to make cheating easier”

During a recent BET interview, Harris declared that “there are a whole lot of people, especially people living in rural communities who don’t — there is no Kinko’s, there is no Office Max near them.”

As a result, she concluded that proponents of voter ID laws should “be clear about who you have in mind and what would be required of them to prove who they are” to avoid essentially disenfranchising certain groups.

“Of course, people have to prove who they are, but not in a way that makes it almost impossible for them to prove who they are,” Harris said.

For his part, Carlson mocked the assertion that rural voters are incapable of copying their identification — and his guest, conservative pundit Tammy Bruce, agreed.

Bruce noted that many rural Americans “are running businesses,” adding that “the question here besides the insult of it is: Why are the Democrats so desperate to make cheating easier?”

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13 Responses

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  7. Hey, Kamala stop, by your local post office. Mine has a coin operated copy machine. It has been there for years. I live in the rural portion of our county. I will bet most other Post Offices have them also. Public libraries also have them. Police stations also have them.
    Advice — Keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool rather than opening it and removing all doubt.

  8. Thank you, Mr. Carlson for fighting for legal citizens to have their vote COUNT!
    I am a legal Fulton County, Georgia, resident, tax-payer, active voter…
    I have seen shocking videos of election night shenanigans and read of accusations of voter fraud from multiple persons who were monitoring the “election”.
    Unfortunately Georgia’s governor, Georgia’s Lieutenant Governor, Georgia’s Secretary of State, the Fulton County Commissioners, Fulton County Election Board, from all appearances of doing barely anything to deal swiftly and mightily with obvious election corruption (stating, to the effect, that the election in Fulton County was close to squeaky clean), apparently do NOT care if someone else’s vote negates my vote. ‘Every illegal vote cancels out a lawful one’!
    Thank you for speaking out for legal voters!

  9. Democrats want to make cheating easier because it is the only way they can win. That is it, plain and simple. They care nothing about the American voters, it is all about them staying in power where they can continue lying, stealing, and cheating!

    1. You’re being way too nice. They lost ground on their timeline to turn us Communist because of the achievements of President Trump. A second term could put them 20 years behind. More to the point, an ego even bigger than Trump’s (Obama) couldn’t stand watching his attempt to destroy us being undone. In a way we are fortunate that many who did not know how radical our schools and bureaucrats have become have had our eyes opened. Reagan said “We are always one generation from being destroyed”. Sadly, we are there. We are at war, and the enemy lives here.

  10. “AMEN!” to “m.a.s.” and Ormond Jack, (comments above.) I am also a Fulton County resident, taxpayer, and voting CITIZEN. Additionally, I am a loyal American veteran. The evidences of multiple forms of election fraud are truly there to see – for those who are WILLING TO SEE. The enemies of the USA have infiltrated OUR NATION, and are doing their utmost to destroy our nation – from what it was established to be. The enemies were not able to destroy us militarily ; but they are now having some success through their efforts of subversion. They have been intentionally targeting our morals, (especially nuclear families,) education, financial system, racial discussions, medical care, and so much more – through politics. They are AFRAID for the evidences of CHEATING in this last election cycle, to be opened up for all to see ! We must speak up NOW, before the America which is the most attractive place in the world to live – is DESTROYED !!!
    “Amen” also to the ease of finding photocopying machines, in libraries, post offices, and police stations !

  11. It doesn’t seem too difficult to get a drivers license or any other official government document.


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