Tucker Carlson mocks former Fox anchor Shepard Smith for ‘shocking’ news story about maskless Florida store

Fox News host Tucker Carlson mocked former Fox News colleague Shepard Smith on Thursday night for a news story in which Smith expressed shock over a Florida grocery store in which almost no one was wearing a mask, The Daily Caller reported.

Footage of the store went viral online, and Smith covered the story in a segment on his current CNBC program.

“Maybe when you spend 30 years reading scripts about car chases everything seems like a car chase,” Carlson said of Smith’s take on the story. “The problem is not everything is a car chase. Sometimes it’s just people just smiling at each other in a grocery store. Sorry, overheated news guy. That’s not actually, uh, news.”

“Story of a lifetime”

Carlson sarcastically referred to Smith as a “genuine investigative journalist,” and called the clip the “story of a lifetime” in the segment.

While the county where the grocery store is located has a mask order, Naples store owner Alfie Oakes has made it clear that he will welcome customers who claim a medical exception and don’t wear them.

“Those in our lovely government have ordered all persons entering indoor facilities to wear a mask,” the sign on his store reads. “If you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask, you are exempt from this order. Due to HIPAA and the 4th Amendment we cannot legally ask you about your medical condition.”

The sign continues, “Therefore, if we see you without a mask, we will assume you have a medical condition and we will welcome you inside to support our business.”

Do masks work?

The CDC has advised wearing masks indoors, but messaging has been mixed about their effectiveness. California just went through the worst outbreak in the country to date despite having a strict mask mandate in place for months.

A new study by scientists in Cyprus found that an area’s weather has more to do with the rate of new cases and transmissions than social distancing, although the study authors said that mask-wearing could still help.

Mask-wearing’s primary effect seems to be making people feel safe when they go out in public. Many people don’t wear them correctly, however, which leads to greater ineffectiveness.

People should be able to make their own decisions about mask-wearing, particularly as there is continues to be greater access to vaccinations. The government has overreached for long enough.

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25 Responses

  1. This democratic administration is overreaching to keep the populous locked down. It’s communist control of everyone and all that they to. If not resolved soon, thus country will become another Venezuela.

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  3. Mask do not work. They just cause you to breath in your own germs over and over. The microns of the virous are to small for these cloth mask to help.

  4. It is already Venezuela, they used the same machine for vote with the same results and they are fighting to keep the same system. They are ready to destroy our freedom no question

  5. Personally, I do not think masks work. It should be up to the person weather to wear a mask or not….. We don’t need the Government telling us what to do when it comes to our health. For those people that are afraid they can get the vaccine.

    1. They want us afraid because then they think they can continue to control us. They don’t care what they do to the United States they are commies plain and simple.

        1. Hello somebody. Ty. If you are not doing homework. Research. I’m sorry for you. Please quit listening to the media. My auto correct said mafia llollll

      1. That is not true. Also, think about the mandates that make no sense. If you go to a restaurant, you can take your mask off at the table. But if you get up, you must to your mask on. Covid 19 only attacks people if they are in the standing position?

      2. Bill, you are full of it. Even the experts state that 200 million of the covid 19 virus’s can fit on the head of a pin. Just how small would the holes in our commercial face coverings have to be to stop Covid 19 from infecting us? The holes would need to be so small that they would be invisible to all but the most powerful microscopes, just to keep one covid 19 virus out of our systems. What you seem to be advocating is a total trust in our leaders to tell us the truth. I quit trusting in our leaders a long time ago, when I realized that they had no problem lying to the voters.


  6. If you’re afraid that you’re going to get it just stay home get somebody else to go to your shop for you somebody you know that doesn’t have it and wears a mask otherwise do not impose on our freedoms we do what we choose to do with our medical well-being

  7. It’s All About Controlling The Population! Get in line and shut up! Don’t criticize the, “Rulers!” We are no longer a, “Constitutional Republic, We Are A, Controlled Population!”

  8. Good job Alfie. Should be more store owners, managers like you. Masks don’t work. Some people throw a fit if you don’t have one on. If they have one on and believe that masks work, what are they complaining about? The whole plandemic was about control. It’s time to wake up people.

  9. Yep, government control — we adults know freedom but it’s our children who are being indoctrinated in school – It was and is appalling to hear the commie talk come out of their mouths —

  10. I mean no harm to anyone, but we sane people need to wake up and realize that wearing “Hanes” on your face is not the same as wearing “Hanes” as underwear on your bottom.

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