Tulsi Gabbard blasts Biden for normalizing ‘child abuse’ through transgender agenda

Former Democrat Tulsi Gabbard blasted her old party’s leader, Joe Biden, for encouraging “child abuse” by pressuring vulnerable kids to disfigure their bodies with so-called “gender-affirming care.”

On an episode of her new podcast, Gabbard said the rise of gender dysphoria among children is “no accident” but the result of social pressure from adults with an agenda.

Biden’s “child abuse”

Gabbard cited a paper in JAMA Pediatrics which showed a 389 percent increase in girls receiving mastectomies between 2016 and 2019. Another study from UCLA found that the number of children identifying as transgender doubled within five years.

“This didn’t just happen. This is very intentional and it’s the consequence of this radical agenda that is being pushed on our kids,” Gabbard said.

She criticized the Orwellian framing used to hide what “gender-affirming care” entails: the permanent disfigurement of a child’s body.

“Gender-affirming care in the way they are using this is nothing less than child abuse,” she declared.

Perverse agenda

So-called “gender-affirming care” is supported by mainstream medical organizations that have been captured by the left, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, which often frame gender transitions as “life-saving” medical care to prevent youth suicide.

Beneath all of the rhetoric, there are perverse financial motives for doctors to prey on vulnerable children, as the Daily Wire has reported. One doctor at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center admitted on camera that “female-to-male bottom surgeries” are “huge money makers.”

Biden has been an active and aggressive participant in this generational scandal, aiming to usurp the authority of parents from the bully pulpit and with his executive pen. A self-described devout Catholic, Biden has even claimed that transgenders are “made in the image of God.”

Gabbard, who supported Biden in 2020, blasted Biden and his radical allies for continuing to push irreversible gender transition treatments despite their potential to cause physical harm, to say nothing of permanent emotional scars.

“That hasn’t stopped President Biden from going and telling parents that ‘affirming your child’s identity is one of the most powerful things you can do to keep them safe,'” she said