Tulsi Gabbard to become paid Fox News contributor

Tulsi Gabbard, a former congresswoman, and Democrat presidential contender, has agreed to become a paid contributor to Fox News, according to Political Insider.

The arrangement would go into effect the next week, according to a network representative who confirmed the agreement to the Los Angeles Times on Monday.

The former representative from Hawaii sought the Democratic Party’s presidential candidacy in 2020, although she has been estranged from the group for some time now.

Last month, she announced that she was leaving the party as the result of her metamorphosis. She attacked her coworkers as “warmongers” who incite anti-white bigotry and are driven by “cowardly wokeness” as she walked out the door.

In her announcement, Gabbard claimed that her former party was demonizing law enforcement while “protect(ing) criminals at the expense of law-abiding Americans,” and said Democrats “believe in open borders” and are willing to “weaponize the national security state to go after political opponents.”

She has been appearing on some of the most popular programs on the network, including “The Five” and “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” where she has even stepped in as the host.

She has supported the GOP on domestic and cultural issues but has resisted actually becoming a member of the party. She has even leaned toward an America-first stance by opposing efforts by the administration and Congress to provide military funding to Ukraine as part of their ongoing conflict with Russia.

Gabbard is a distinguished Iraq War veteran who received the Meritorious Service Medal and Combat Medical Badge for her dedication to duty.

The Los Angeles Times article makes no mention of the conditions of Fox News’ contract with Tulsi Gabbard, including any payment or deadlines for her contributions.

As a guest host for Tucker Carlson on Monday, she got things going with a bang by flipping Democrats’ election-season argument by asserting that the collusion between the White House and Big Tech businesses spells the end of democracy.

“As long as the Democratic Party and the permanent Washington elite are working hand in hand with Google and Facebook … literally manipulating the information that we as voters are allowed to see, then there is no democracy,” she explained.

Tulsi Gabbard criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul for his “rigged” stock acquisitions before she became a paid contributor to Fox News.