Report: Roughly 4 in 10 Marines have turned down COVID vaccine

The Washington Post reported last week that nearly 1 in 5 Americans have now been vaccinated against the coronavirus. But there still remains a significant portion of the population hesitant to get the shot.

Citing a Pentagon official, USA Today reported Saturday that roughly 40% of U.S. Marines have declined to be vaccinated for COVID-19.

According to Marines spokesperson and Communication Strategy and Operations Officer Capt. Andrew Woods, 48,000 of the 123,500 members of the U.S. Marine Corps who were offered the vaccine said no to it. Another 75,500 have received at least one dose.

“The key” to defeating COVID-19

According to Woods, the Marines hope to build “vaccine confidence” among their ranks, a practice he called “the key to addressing this pandemic.”

“We fully understand that widespread acceptance of the COVID-19 vaccine provides us with the best means to defeat this pandemic,” Woods told USA Today.

According to conservative author and pundit Kurt Schlichter, a U.S. Army veteran, distrust of military leadership is likely among the factors that explain why so many Marines — and potentially members of other military branches — have declined the vaccinations when offered.

Other reasons shared by Woods in his talk with USA Today included Marines “wanting to allow others to get the vaccine before them; having already received the vaccine through other channels; or waiting until the military makes receiving the vaccine mandatory, which it has yet to do.”

The Pentagon’s predictions

For now, according to the Navy Times, the coronavirus vaccine isn’t mandated — unlike many other inoculations — in part because it hasn’t been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Instead, the shot is being offered under an emergency use authorization amid the pandemic.

But the rules may change if a group of some seven Democratic lawmakers gets what it wants. In a recent letter to President Joe Biden, the Dems requested that in his capacity as commander-in-chief, Biden issue a “waiver of informed consent” to force COVID-19 vaccines on all service members who are eligible. Of course, such a move would likely only compound the issue raised by Schlichter in his Saturday tweet.

Nonetheless, the Defense Department reported late last month that top Pentagon officials had predicted all American troops would be eligible to receive a vaccine by May 1, and that they’d all be fully vaccinated by the middle of July.

Perhaps those leaders are counting on Biden making the jabs mandatory, or they’re hoping peer pressure changes some minds. But as things stand, it looks like the Pentagon may fall far short of its vaccination goal.

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32 Responses

  1. Sorry, but the Marines and I are not convinced about the composition of the vaccinne. The virus did originate at the Level 4 RDNA virology laboratory in Wuhan, China, regardless of all the stories that it came from a bat at a meat market. The Chinese have been eating wild animals for thousands of years. Add 2 and 2 together, and this is what happens.

  2. There r plenty of us that r not buying into the fear that the democratic party trying to
    put upon us. Also who trust anything Bill Gates has to do with or Dr. Fauci has to say.
    I will be just fine with out it and seems strange they (the big Pharm) already have all these other vaccines ready for viruses they have manufactured.

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  4. I don’t blame them. We STILL have NO idea what is in those vaccines! Why not? That should be common knowledge. With the manufacturers not saying what is in them makes me suspicious, especially if Fauci and Gates are involved.

  5. This vaccination has proven many times to be a deterrent to health or life. Several countries have forbidden it’s use in their countries and doing well. Now the Biden Administration that has and continuing to severely weaken our country wants to plaque our military with this vaccination.

  6. I take it if the upper military leaders who runs the show, and are Woke, they are not Patriots, nor trustworthy. Go figure, the people who are providing the vaccines, are the same Lefties who want to kill 1/3rd of the Global population. Would you trust them? Until totally proven otherwise, I too will not take the shot in the arm. My gut feeling is that the virus shots are time bombs! Making deadly changes to the victim’s body. Many people have already expired, based on the shot. Still want to take a chance??

    I read in another article, that it leaked out many will slowly die from the virus shot, and the survivors, on the pretext of taking away our guns in order to get close to us, they have a kill order. Now do you trust the #1 injection junky pusher? Yes, Bill Gates! And Dr. Fauchi

    1. Face it, this is a non tested drug they are pushing. No proper trials, not even FDA approved. Not putting that crap into my body. Not only that, and some may say I’m crazy, but whose to say they don’t have a microchip imbedded in the vaccine so they can track everyone? The technology is already out there and after the last election, I have zero trust in our government. The democrats are following Hitler’s play book and people are too stupid to see it. All I can do is pray that they all end up like Hitler – dead and buried. Well, they wanted to see world population brought down – they are doing a good job of it the way they are going. The revolution/civil war will increase that decrease of population

    2. EXACTLY. Obama “purged” 197 military officers in five year….made up some excuse to get rid of them…but basically they did not agree with his ideology. So I guess the ones in charge do…which makes it so sad that our last line of defense is bought by deep state.

  7. I would not sign “waiver of informed consent.” Nor can I be ordered to sign as that would be a Waiver of Rights under Penalty of a Colored Law, rule or order. Deprivation of a right to refuse is under duress and the Order is therefore nullified.

  8. I believe the injections are lethal. We don’t know what’s in any of the flu shots. It is also a way to do away with the people who are ill or elderly. The military can make it a rule, as are with the other inoculations they HAVE to have. There is no choice. Unfortunately, the government owns you when you are in the service so they have no choice. I agree it should be a choice. If a woman wants an abortion she can have one because it’s her body. Shouldn’t the shot fall under the same law? Also, it is a medical thing. Doesn’t that fall under some privacy issue? I’m not going to allow them to mess with my RDNA. I’m not getting the shot. That is my choice. This is still a free country last I checked.

  9. I will not get that shot!! I don’t trust the clown that is taking the credit for getting these so called vaccines out! Now if my President Trump was my leader still I may have gotten it..But I doubt it.

  10. I haven’t had a flu shot in over60 years. And I will not get this one. By the way I haven’t had the flu in 64 years. I’m 83 years young and in great shape. If you have a good immune system in your body you will not get the flu or any virus
    When I was in the Air Force i had to get certain shots. I agree to that. Being in the air Force for 26 years is the reason that I have a very heality body.

  11. Our government is lying to us! I have many blood relatives on active duty.
    Why is our government lying to us? Because the vaccines are delayed euthanasia. Because many on the far left want no more than 500 million world population. Because 500 million will be far easier to control than 8 billion. Because the far left elite are certain they know how to order the rest of us around. Because the elite have always wanted their very own slaves and WE THE PEOPLE are destined to be those slaves.
    Please cousins, continue refusing the COVID 19 vaccinations.

  12. DON’T DO IT MARINES!!! WE NEED YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER! I trust my bodie’s immune system a thousand times more than politicians and big pharma… they laugh all the way to the bank…drug companies making billions off of this! Oh yea….more money to buy off the crooked politicians. Also, would love for the marines to get down to our border and PROTECT IT!

  13. GO!!!
    This phrase was said by the first cosmonaut on Earth – Yuri Gagarin. (Yuri Gagarin)
    He was the first astronaut on Earth. He was Russian! …
    Now Russia is becoming a strong country, gas pipelines, a vaccine against COVID-19, an army.
    Is this very reminiscent of the communist Soviet Union?
    How do you think?
    Now we have total control in our country. I am interested in the opinion of foreigners.



  14. GO!!!
    This phrase was said by the first cosmonaut on Earth – Yuri Gagarin. (Yuri Gagarin)
    He was the first astronaut on Earth. He was Russian! …
    Now Russia is becoming a strong country, gas pipelines, a vaccine against COVID-19, an army.
    Is this very reminiscent of the communist Soviet Union?
    How do you think?
    Now we have total control in our country. I am interested in the opinion of foreigners.



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