Critics cry foul over tweet from Pelosi asserting 2016 race was ‘hijacked’: Report

As Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) accuses outgoing President Donald Trump of having lit the fuse of an “insurrection” by challenging Joe Biden’s election victory, the House speaker is coming under fire for her own indiscretions.

As the Washington Examiner reports, many are wondering where the outrage was when Pelosi claimed in 2017 that Trump “hijacked” the 2016 election, and whether that too constituted “inciting violence.”

Pelosi: 2016 race was “hijacked”

Twitter began flagging Trump’s tweets prior to the election, as the Examiner notes, when the president warned that Democrats would use mail-in voting to defraud the vote. The censorship continued until the platform finally banned Trump nearly two weeks ago.

The stunning ban came after a mob of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol; Democrats have since moved to impeach Trump a second time, accusing him, and effectively anyone who claimed that Biden lost, of inciting an “insurrection.”

Even before the riot, Democrats and their allies in the media and Big Tech had dismissed any notion of challenging the results as a baseless, and essentially treasonous, attempt to disenfranchise the people, but it’s worth noting that Democrats questioned Trump’s 2016 election victory — for years. Despite never forwarding any evidence, they accused Trump of having somehow stolen his way to victory with the assistance of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The theory completely dominated the news cycle.

One particular tweet from Speaker Pelosi has resurfaced, causing many to cry foul. The May 2017 post, which came just as Robert Mueller was appointed to investigate alleged Trump–Russia collusion, claimed that there “is no question” that “our election was hijacked.”

Critics balk at Dems’ hypocrisy

Mueller, for his part, spent nearly two years looking into that claim before putting it to rest about halfway through Trump’s presidency — and $32 million later — in March of 2019. Pelosi would go on to lead Democrats in impeaching Trump over a phone call with Ukraine before doing so again last Wednesday, exactly a week before Biden’s inauguration.

The speaker is insisting that Trump is a “clear and present danger” who “must go,” according to Fox News.

Meanwhile, conservative critics have balked at the apparent hypocrisy of Pelosi, as well as Twitter, which seems to think that only one party should be allowed to raise questions about election fraud. Some questioned whether Pelosi was not, by her own standards, inciting violence.

“How does this stand @jack?” Fox contributor Lisa Boothe tweeted at Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, according to the Washington Examiner. “Hypocrites, all of them.”

Twitter hasn’t responded to requests from media outlets.

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27 Responses

      1. Hillary & Bill Clinton milked the government for their own personal gain using George Soros to input millions into the Democratic parties campaigns for decades he has paid people to start fights in Americans elections when people run for office , while they tag along other officials to conduct themselves as organized crime figures , taking millions in donations from the Mexican billionaire to allow Illegal Immigrants into the USA so that those who own companies will hire them to cheat Americans of jobs benefits etc. , the Benghazi issue , a total cover up under Obama /alias Barry Soeterro step son to LoLo Soeterro who paid thousands of dollars to put him through a good education for him to be a perfect con artist violating the American constitution, while he used his father’s name to enter the Illinois State Senate. as he lied to every American to gain power of the American peoples White House with Joe Biden committing treason as they funneled money from the Treasury Department to a Al-Qaeda linked organization & no Democrat taking action to impeach him for all the Illegal unconstitutional acts done by the 2 of them , as big Tech covered them up .

    1. Pelosi should go…..her hatred for Trump is so deep that she is looking stupid with some of her comments. Trump is out now so let it go!!!

  1. That Piglosi old woman is insane. She makes absolutely NO sense at all.
    Why do they keep someone that disgusting in Government I’ll never know. She is probably the most HATED women in the United States of America.

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  3. I hope she gets what’s coming to her because karma has it’s “arrows in it’s quiver” ready to go very soon. I can’t wait.

    1. A reliable independent columnist mentioned that Biden said in September that he didn’t care what the poles indicated at 2:00AM Wednesday, he would win after all the mail-in votes were counted. He was being badgered at the time and was beginning to stutter, so he said the first thing that came to his addle pated brain. He repeated it several more times before the election and Pelosi, Harris, and Schumer also indicated the mail-ins would decide the election. Now ….I don’t believe in conspiracies, but I do believe, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

  4. Evil comes back to bite. But just as it states in the Bible, do unto others as you want done to you. She will get hers, maybe not right now we need to see her taxes and find out how much money she has stolen from the people!? If there is proof send her straight to Jail!!!! Check her out watch her squirm as well how many of them can prove there righteous and truthful to the constitution. PROVE!!!!!

  5. The only thing hijacked was Pelosis brain . It was taken away by Beefeaters gin and a guy named Bo , Botox . Sad really considering she didn’t have much of one to start with

  6. Or what about when that b**** Maxine Waters went on TV and told everybody that when they see the other party at restaurants and stores that they’re not welcome there anymore

  7. Pelosi is a Habitual liar. Her entire goal is to destroy this nation, our freedoms and our rights and of course the American people who don’t agree with her. She utterly refuses to do anything that is good for this nation of the American people but rather always goes in the other direction. She has not done the job to which she was elected for years because her main goal is political power to the detriment of this nation and the American people. That’s her legacy that she is the worst anti-American ineffectual traitorous speaker of the house in the history of the United States. One would think that at 80 years old she would take five minutes to get her head out of our own by and have a reality check. She claims to pray but clearly Satan is her God.

  8. Trump supporters did “not” storm the Capitol on the 6th….that would be the Democrats ANTIFA/BLM terrorists. Everything else especially about the traitor Pelosi is on the money.

    1. Agree, Manuel. I heard from a Dem senator that the rioters were coming for Pelosi.
      Dems better watch themselves with these radical groups. They stormed Portland and Seattle last night saying they were seeking revenge.
      When Hitler invaded Germany (my dad fought in WW11) he had brown shirts beating up people on the streets if they did not agree with them. They began a power grab with Hitler and Hitler had to kill them all as they became a threat to him. If Dems promised them something and they do not get what they want they might find themselves in the same situation Hitler was confronted with. They are stupid for getting involved with these people.Hope our police never get involved with these two groups of idiots. Would not want to see any of our police get hurt for the sake of their stupidity.

  9. I agree with all I have read here. I do not know why they keep on voting her in as speaker. She is insane.

  10. I do not know why anyone would listen to Pelosi, she is a crazy, horrible, lying, hater who turns evil when she doesn’t get her way. She has even turned on fellow Democrats. So why is everyone afraid of her, no one ever disagrees with her for very long, They all meekly ask her to maybe think about doing it this way or that & when she says NO they run & hide or try to do something that will please her. Schumer, Schiff, Waters, AOC & the rest of the crazies are terrible on their own but seem to follow her lead. Even Mitch & half the Republicans bow & scrap to please her. She has got something on them & they are scared of what she can do to them or is it how much money she has promised them from China. I would like to know so we could end her reign of terror!

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