Journalist’s tweets reveal media’s shift toward accepting Wuhan lab leak theory 

In the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, some U.S. leaders — particularly in the Republican Party — began advancing the theory that the virus had escaped from a major virology research lab in Wuhan, China.

While such rhetoric was initially dismissed by the mainstream media and progressive politicians as inaccurate if not xenophobic, mounting evidence has contributed to an apparent about-face in news coverage.

“Fringe theory”

As independent journalist Drew Holden revealed in a comparative thread of posts on Twitter, media outlets that first denounced the theory now seem to be considering it as a possibility.

In one example, The New York Times criticized U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), for promoting a “fringe theory” last year but now suggests the idea deserved “further inquiry.”

Similar evidence showed that CNN initially downplayed the lab leak theory and even parroted Chinese communist talking points but now ask the same questions that they previously dismissed.

“That’s … not good”

Among the most ardent critics of Cotton and former President Donald Trump for advancing the theory last year was the Washington Post, which has likewise begun to raise the same possibility in recent days.

In the ensuing tweets, a familiar trend emerged among other purportedly straightforward news outlets like Politico, Reuters, and NPR.

As Holden went on to argue, a common theme suggests early media opposition to the theory might have been due to a tendency to reflexively adopt a contrarian position against former President Donald Trump.

“The idea that President Trump could’ve been right about something this important [without] definitive public proof was something journos and newsrooms simply could not bring themselves to take seriously,” he wrote. “Instead, because they hated Trump so much, they preferred to trust a lab run by shadowy hostile autocrats who had every incentive to lie (and long history of lying) about something that could turn out to be the most consequential coverup in living memory. That’s … not good.”

Notably, this was not the first time Holden had taken the mainstream media to task for its shifting position on the topic. An earlier Twitter thread included other examples of the perceived hypocrisy and efforts to dodge accountability on the important issue of tracking the origins of COVID-19.

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  2. I knew Trump was right from day one but nobody was staying with him course I quit watching the news long long long time ago. They never did and never will tell the truth about anything. They only listen to the Democrat side and they only publish the Democrats I of course some of the Republicans that are rhinos they publish their stuff like our governor of Ohio Mike dewine

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  4. Of course doctor FICO and Bill Gates was behind it all they’re the ones that took the taxpayers money and funded that lab in China and help release covid-19 on the American people and the world

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