Keith Olbermann’s latest tweetstorm included call for arrests of Trump, Carlson

Although mainstream media outlets refrained from calling the presidential race for Democratic nominee Joe Biden until Saturday, many far-left pundits spent much of the preceding week criticizing and denigrating conservatives.

One notable example was former ESPN personality and progressive provocateur Keith Olberman, who spent Thursday and Friday tweeting, among other things, that President Donald Trump and Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson should be locked up, as reported by Breitbart.

“Gripped by paranoid delusion”

The apparent minor meltdown came on the heels of Trump’s first news conference since the immediate aftermath of Election Day.

During that White House address, he informed the nation that his campaign would be challenging certain results in court.

While it was unclear exactly what set Olbermann off, he reacted harshly on Twitter.

“TRUMP MUST BE REMOVED AND ARRESTED, TONIGHT,” he wrote. “Gripped by a paranoid delusion, threatening the nation’s safety, this can’t wait any longer. It won’t happen; in fact he’ll probably concede and instantly announce he’s running in ’24.”

The tweet included a video clip in which he elaborated on that unsubstantiated prognostication.

“An overt and unmistakable call”

It was in a tweet the following day that Olbermann took a shot at Carlson that turned out to be a complete misrepresentation of events.

“Tucker is now telling his audience that Trump’s supporters own 60-70% of the guns and they could take to the streets blood ‘would flow,'” Olbermann wrote. “Again, this is an overt and unmistakable call for widespread violence and requires the arrest of Tucker Carlson.”

As Breitbart explained, however, the quote featured in the clip from Carlson’s show was not uttered by the host, but a Democratic Party-aligned advocate.

For his part, Olbermann has since deleted the tweet calling for Carlson’s arrest — while opting to keep the post advocating for Trump’s imprisonment. Of course, he is also the same man who argued that Trump deserved the “death penalty” for his response to the coronavirus pandemic.

He also deleted another tweet earlier in the week after receiving widespread backlash for comparing Trump to the slave character Kunta Kinte. Among his Twitter critics was actor LeVar Burton, who portrayed the character in the iconic film Roots.

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