Twitter alternative Gab sees jump in traffic amid Parler blackout, Trump bans: Reports

Gab, a right-wing alternative to Twitter that is dedicated to free speech, is exploding in popularity after the world’s most famous Twitter user was permanently banned.

The website was experiencing slowdowns over the weekend as it reported a 750% leap in traffic, according to Breitbart.

Terrible news for Twitter

The platform bills itself as a Twitter alternative that respects free speech, and allows all legal content except pornography, Breitbart notes. The site also has a “zero tolerance” policy toward violent threats.

As Breitbart notes, Gab has been targeted by Big Tech companies for years, anyway. The platform has also been the topic of a hostile press, with mainstream media describing it as a hotbed of extremism, but the site is taking off amid an unprecedented crackdown on free speech by Silicon Valley oligarchs.

President Trump was permanently suspended from Twitter on Friday, and platforms including Reddit and Snapchat have followed suit, according to the BBC, confirming the worst fears of conservatives who have complained for years about censorship of their views. Within hours, Gab was having maintenance issues as users migrated to the platform.

The company is adding new servers to keep up with the jump in new traffic. “Our traffic is up 753% in the past 24 hours. Tens of millions of visits,” the website’s CEO told Breitbart on Saturday.

Blackout, bans prompt innovation, alarm

Gab reportedly takes special precautions to avoid being shut down by Big Tech and plans to release a “Gab phone,” among other innovations, to work around Silicon Valley’s repression, Breitbart noted.

“Meet the Gab Phone. Yes, it’s real. We’re running @GrapheneOS on a Pixel 4a. It’s Android minus everything and anything Google with added security and privacy features,” the company said in a now-deleted tweet.

Parler, another Twitter alternative, was banned from app stores amid the Big Tech crackdown — to the apparent delight of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey — while Amazon suspended the platform’s cloud hosting services, according to Fox Business. Parler’s shutdown also made way for Gab’s popularity leap, according to USA Today.

Gab said it saw “more users in the past [two] days than we did in our first two years of existing,” USA Today reported Monday.

Fox Business reported that Twitter saw its stock drop on Monday after the expulsion of its most famous user, an event that has prompted alarm from many conservatives, but liberals as well, with critics warning that Silicon Valley has too much power over public conversation.

World leaders and civil rights groups aligned with the left, like Angela Merkel and the American Civil Liberties Union, have criticized Twitter’s decision, reports note.

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35 Responses

  1. Bye bye Twitter and Fakebook. I can’t wait til the alternatives for that come out. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all go back to MYSPACE and get rid of Facebook while we get rid of Twitter and Instagram and big tech altogether

    1. You know the bible says “dont dig a pit for some one else you might fall into it yourself”.its a spiritual law you teap what you sow,God set that in stone good or bad.All these anti God,anti constitution and so forth when they fall its gonna be a doozies!

    2. MEWE is another program that is out almost like FaceBook but better! Give it a try and invite your friends for some fun and games. I swear you will like it!!!!

  2. FB, Twitter, and Amazon are, in effect, monopolies, as such, they are UNAMERICAN is operation. Like Democrat leaders, they love China and hate Americans.

  3. As monopolies they should be forced to be broken up, just as “Ma Bell” was! The 1st Amendment applies to the Left, just as much as they want to apply it to the Right! F**k censorship by these Far Left Monopolies!!

  4. I don’t care how you voted in November, things like this should scare anybody! This is Hitler, Stalin, and North Korea today! The next step is they have to get your guns, and Biden is already working on that.

  5. Time to eliminate the CEO’s of TWITTER, FACEBOOK and all the others like them . Time for we the people to take our country back.

  6. Everyone should shut down their social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, amazon and any others who want to silence conservative views. Who needs them anyway? I hope President Trump starts his own platform that they can’t shut down! I’m going to check out gab, maybe Parler can make a deal with them, and we can shut down twitter, Facebook and all the ither monopolies in one fell swoop! Make them suffer!

  7. Communistt manifesto: get control of all communication companies. DONE.. as are many more of their goals while America sleeps and thinks “all is well”.

  8. Also stop watching NBC,CBS,ABC,MSNBC CNN and all the national news networks that censored the communication director and suppressed stories about the corrupt biden family.

    1. Duckduckgo. I switched yesterday. Realize now that Google was slowing my searches down and making it hard to read content of my emails. Duck doesn’t data mine like Google does.

  9. If I was a shareholder at Twitter I’d move to dump jack, off the board, the guy made an emotional move to lose money obviously he shouldn’t be in charge of any monetary decisions….

    1. He is a LOSER! I dumped Twitter and Google. FB is next. Now with DuckDuckGo which I LOVE! Never had Amazon because I do not agree with Bezos business principles. Also with Parler, when it goes back on line. Check out Rumble instead of YouTube. YouTube will not allow you to share their videos now.

  10. I hope all the other so called big tech, Amazon, etc. main news medias see what is going on with Twitter cause they are next. Sure it might be a little more time consuming to go back to the grocery store or shop on line from smaller companies but what an impact it will make, plus start watching News Max & other news shows not affiliated with the big new medias. The best way to hurt them is in their wallets.

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