‘Outrageous’: Twitter temporarily suspends accounts of Project Veritas and its founder

Twitter once again took decisive action this week against prominent conservative accounts on its platform.

According to reports, the right-wing investigative news organization Project Veritas — as well as its founder, James O’Keefe — saw their accounts temporarily suspended.

“Rules against posting private information”

As the Daily Caller noted, the profiles and associated posts were restored when a pair of tweets that the company found violated its terms of use were deleted.

According to documents cited in the report, Twitter justified its decision by alleging that both accounts violated “rules against posting private information.”

That excuse appears to hinge on video footage that included a brief shot revealing the home address of Facebook Vice President of Integrity Guy Rosen. The street name and city, however, were not depicted.

“Content that Americans deserve to see”

The clip features Project Veritas reporter Christian Hartsock approaching Rosen near his home and attempting to elicit a statement on the record.

In a statement on the matter, Project Veritas Media Relations Manager Mario Balaban called the decision “outrageous” and describing the video in question as “harmless.”

He said the incident “shows that Twitter and Facebook are teaming up to censor content that Americans deserve to see.”

“An apparent act of retaliation”

The Daily Caller noted that Twitter has been less than consistent in its decisions regarding which tweets and accounts to flag under this particular policy issue.

Its report cited examples like the lack of action against Nikole Hannah-Jones of The New York Times after she tweeted the phone number of Washington Free Beacon reporter Aaron Sibarium. Furthermore, the social media platform previously suspended the Project Veritas account in connection to its publication of documents obtained from Pinterest.

In an initial statement, Twitter advised that the Project Veritas account had been “permanently suspended for repeated violations of Twitter’s private information policy.”

O’Keefe provided a statement to Fox News claiming the action is “nothing new” and asserting: “In an apparent act of retaliation for daring to question their authority, Twitter responded to our appeal by suspending our account, continuing to tell us that Project Veritas could delete the tweet and have our account reinstated.”

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15 Responses

  1. If the Republicans don’t do something to stop this from happening then it’s up to the people to stop our country from being destroyed by the Marxists pretending to be Democrats who are representing their own Marxist agenda. This cannot abide.

    1. You are so correct but what about the Democrats who are really Democrats. How can we corroborate the present ideology to those who are unaware that soon we will be a Marxist Society?

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  3. The Marxist Democrat’s & Twitter, Facebook & Google & others are denying our First Amendment Rights!
    Anyone who disagrees or criticizes them
    will be “Shut up” or blocked!”
    Absolutely disgusting & reprehensible!

  4. I will be completely surprised if the Republicans do anything that would lend support to the former” President Trump”I can not abide watching the democrats blathering on and on especially that freak Raskin.Senate now voting.Democrats’are all guilty votes.Who is surprised? Not me.

  5. Does anyone in this country not see what is happening? We the people are being manipulated and loosing control of our freedom. The media, the fat cat billionaires and trillionaires are controlling our political environment. They have complete control over the government and are exercising that power to stop all speech except that which fits their agenda. Their agenda combined with the political agenda adds up to the end of free speech and democracy. The government, if we had a legitimate one, would crack down on these companies who have grown so large and powerful that they can control speech, and with money control our government. Break them up and stop their ability to control free speech.

    1. That is true. But if each state exercises their right as a state not to except a nation wide law excuse the guilty party of any wrong doing. Twitter , Facebook , Google, all have amunity from any charges place against them by the people. This law needs to be voted out and each state in this union has the right to reject any nationwide laws. We can as states make our own laws. The people need to write their governors and remind them that they have that right. Each state is a small country to join in the hope to make a more perfect union. Well people, that us not a perfect union if the people are harmed and dehumanized. As each state can reject that immunity. If they don’t do this then continue to cry about it and see how far that gets u. Get on the phone and get emailing, get pen to paper and yes if need be rally for a change. That dear friends is what you can do about it.

  6. Hey all you internet users. If you do not see what is happening to the usa that we love in front of our eyes then you are dumb. However those that believe in freedom of speech love to usa and want to fight back you have it in your power to do so that will get results. Cancel facebook, google, and twitter. When their views are reduced, advertisers and stock holders will wake up and changes will be made. As long as these companies continue to make profits nothing is going to change except get worse for the usa. You have the power, so stop talking and do something that as an individual can have an impact for the future of the usa.

    1. That will only hurt them financially. They need to be prevented and the law they some how obtained granting them immunity from wrong doing. That is what will stop them and only that. Each state needs to reject that law. We, as a state, have the right to reject any nationwide laws. Tell your governors if they are going to vote on a nationwide law they need to ask the people what they should vote on. Only that will put some fear in them. The fear of conviction of dehumanizing another. Only then will they stop playing God.

  7. They get away with this nonsense because the people were not paying attention to their folly. As they should have been. We the people have forgotten that we as a state can and do make our own rules and constitution. We as states can shorten twitter reach by outlawing the amendment that gives them nation wide immunity from a guilty plea. That law does not have to apply to us as states. No laws need be nation wide unless each state agrees. If your state did not warn it’s people what they were going to vote on then that vote in void. In the state of pa the people must be warned of any laws being voted on and it’s people must vote on weather their government site for or against. Each state should have and can have that same right. We have a right to say ” no that rule does not apply to us ” . so again I beseech each state to stand as a nation and tell your government that you oppose the law put in place protecting those that would harm us. And those that would dehumanize us. To fix this or find other careers. Vote them out if they don’t abide by their bosses. That would be the people. We have the right to protect ourselves making a militia for protection from those that would oppress and rape us. This is a stain on the people. Stand up and make it go away. We can and do have that God given right to protect our lives as a people. . thank you and do the right thing and stop crying about wrongs done you

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