Twitter users respond to rebuttal from GOP Sen. Tim Scott with ‘racist attack,’ says Hemingway

Left-wing Twitter users reportedly went on the attack against U.S. Sen. Tim Scott after the South Carolina Republican delivered the GOP’s primetime rebuttal to President Joe Biden’s Wednesday address to Congress.

According to the Washington Examiner, the phrase “Uncle Tim” trended on Twitter for some period of time following Scott’s remarks before the platform finally blocked it from appearing in its featured section. The trend was apparently a play on “Uncle Tom,” a derogatory term widely regarded as racist that has its roots in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s 1852 Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and that Scott said Wednesday he had been called in the past, The Hill reported.

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway drew attention to the “racist attack” against Scott, who is Black, in a tweet Thursday.

“Our healing is not finished”

In his remarks following Biden’s speech, Sen. Scott declared that “America is not a racist country” and defended a new election reform law in Georgia that Democrats including the president have decried as discriminatory.

The Republican also said he has “experienced the pain of discrimination” firsthand, as The Guardian reported. “I know what it feels like to be pulled over for no reason. To be followed around a store while I’m shopping,” Scott remarked.

“Believe me, I know firsthand our healing is not finished,” he added, according to The Hill. “In 2015, after the shooting of Walter Scott, I wrote a bill to fund body cameras. Last year, after the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, I built an even bigger police reform proposal. But my Democratic colleagues blocked it.”

The senator went on: “I extended an olive branch. I offered amendments. But Democrats used the filibuster to block the debate from even happening. My friends across the aisle seemed to want the issue more than they wanted a solution.”

“A different kind of intolerance”

Later in his talk, Scott said he’s “also experienced a different kind of intolerance” at the hands of those on the left.

“I get called Uncle Tom and the n-word by progressives and liberals,” he said, according to The Guardian. After the term re-emerged on Twitter in reference to the South Carolina senator, Scott told Fox News he was disappointed.

“It was upsetting certainly, but it was so disappointing that those people who want to be respected and given the opportunity to live their lives any way they want to, they don’t want the same thing for you and me,” Scott told Fox on Thursday, according to the Washington Examiner.

He went on: “What they want for us is for us to stay in a little, small corner and not go against the tide that they think is America. Their America and my America aren’t the same America, if, in fact, they think that discriminating is the fastest way to end discrimination.”

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10 Responses

  1. DEMOCOMMUNISTS want a DIVIDED country. Citizens that actually work together towards a common goal is against the communist agenda that is being pushed TODAY, (and every time a democommunist is in power). (clinton, FRAUD obama, now FRAUDULENTLY “elected” chinese communist bought and owned dementia-Joe the “ho” and the “deep state “handlers” for recent “examples”) They all go for the common goal of division, that keeps the citizens in this country, fighting against themselves, because the KNOW a divided country is VERY easy to CONQUER, push the communist agenda, and takeover, that in turn, will “convert” this constitutional republic into a third-world communist-controlled banana republic cesspool,as well as the citizens into controlled communist “subjects” (DRONES) they will be free to use, abuse, tax to death, or “eliminate” all that do not kowtow to the new communist “masters” WISE UP AMERICA. Unless you want to become like “Venezualia”. Money is worthless, and you are forced to eat out of dumpsters.

    1. Absolutely 100% correct. It’s been the COMMUNISTS goal since the early 50’s to infiltrate the DEMOCRATIC PARTY to spread RACISM AND HATRED throughout the country. THE DEMOCRATS are the RACISTS, WAR MONGER, COMMUNISTS who want nothing more than to DESTROY AMERICA and our WAY OF LIFE. The sooner the AMERICAN PEOPLE wake up and realize that, the better off we will all be.

  2. Senator Scott is awesome! He stands for American values and the melting pot views that all should be color blind in this nation. Those continuing to divide us by using the race card…separating us from one another – are the true racists. Scott is not one of those. He speaks for all Americans. (There is a difference between those using their color to get away with murder and gain pacifying giveaways… those who know how to work hard, be honest and gain through integrity and good actions in our society.) Great job Scott is doing!!

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  4. The evil Democrats, and they are evil, love to play the race card, and call anyone who disagrees with them racist! They are the ultimate hypocrites, because they are, and have always been the party of slavery! The Dems feel that they own the blacks, and if black people dare to oppose them, like Tim Scott has done, they get called all kinds of nasty names! Democrats are evil hypocrites!

  5. oops!!!! I used a no no word. I said that if the dems/S……t didn’t have Trump or race to talk about they wouldn’t have anything to say.

  6. Scum of the earth sorry trash with no fear of God due to demonic lifestyles! Those are the people guilty of such sinful behavior! Twitter also bears responsibility for allowing such with no consequences. Churches, educators, and civic leaders need to teach how to disagree in more intellectual fashion. Meanwhile, kudos to speaker Scott for his great rebuttal of Biden’s address.

  7. Your a day late and a dollar short, and yes I would vote for president Donald Trump again. Someone has to clean up the entire mess Joe Biden is making, it’s a disgrace how Biden became president. The Democrats and their swamp rats are making this country a disgrace and the entire world is watching. Biden and his far left buddies are ruining this country and all the progress Donald Trump has made.

  8. Some people are really sick!!! He is black, so what? In my life I have had many black friends, co-workers, and fellow soldiers. Never had a problem!!! Democrats have a problem because he is a Republican. Does that make him an “Uncle Tom”? Really??? Democrats are monsters!

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