Twitter’s suspension of Trump leads to financial bloodbath for platform’s stock value

Twitter and other Big Tech giants like Facebook and Google went on the offensive in the digital war against President Donald Trump last week, suspending his accounts or blocking his access to virtually all of the major social media platforms.

Twitter’ permanent suspension of Trump’s personal account has proven to be quite consequential for the company, as its stock price fell by as much as 12% when the markets opened on Monday and the business lost upward of $5 billion in market capitalization value, the Washington Examiner reported.

That move followed Trump’s alleged incitement of the mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol building last week and was ostensibly done “due to the risk of further incitement of violence,” according to Twitter.

Twitter’s stock price plummets

Business Insider reported that Twitter’s decision to ban Trump — a popular if polarizing world leader with more than 88 million followers on the platform — was a costly one that wiped away a fortune in value in just one day of trading.

The free-fall began right after the opening bell and didn’t stop until Twitter’s stock price had dropped by around 12%, essentially erasing roughly $5 billion from the company’s value, harming investors and shareholders, as well as the platform’s reputation.

The prevailing theory behind the plummeting stock value is that market investors were worried that Twitter’s banning of Trump would lead to decreased interest and interactions on the social media site and a mass exodus of the president’s supporters to other alternatives.

Further, given that the suspension is also undeniably politically motivated, it lends fuel to the narrative that Big Tech firms are biased and partisan in favor of the left and are working to censor, suppress and silence conservative and independent voices that don’t adhere to left-wing orthodoxy.

Facebook and Google fall too

Fox Business reported that the mass sell-off of Twitter stock was almost instantaneous with the opening bell Monday, with the stock price dropping nearly 10% immediately after trading commenced, sending the company’s estimated $41 billion value down by more than $2.5 right off the bat.

Twitter wasn’t alone in suffering the financial consequences of silencing the president of the United States, as both Facebook and Alphabet, Inc., the parent company of Google, also suffered fiscal losses on Monday, although not quite to the stunning level as Twitter.

Both Facebook and Google, by way of video-sharing platform YouTube, took similar actions last week to strictly limit or block Trump and others associated with him from using the respective social media sites.

Blocking a world leader from using social media — which in this day and age is akin to barring somebody from speaking in the public square — is hugely monumental and is antithetical to the idea of free speech.

Twitter is paying dearly for its decision to ban Trump, and rightly so, and few on the right — or anyone else who values free speech and the open exchange of ideas — would be sorry to see that platform pay the ultimate price and go under in response to its reckless act of blatant censorship and partisan digital warfare.

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39 Responses

    1. Not only Nancy but the majority of the democratic party. Oh and let us not forget the RINO’s like Romney. It’s also time to charge Zuckerberg and other big tech leaders. We need to see long prison terms for those trying to overthrow the US.


    3. Pelosi is just doing what she’s been ordered to do. She isn’t the top, main decision maker. We must turn our attention to families of Soros, Rothschild, the Vatican (Pope Francis) and those higher in their hierarchy. If the head is cut off, the rest of the body will be rendered powerless.

  1. I’m glad to hear Twitter and maybe Google etc lost a bunch of money over censoring President Trump…..looks good on them. I thought they were supposed to be impartial

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  3. Amen and I mean AMEN !!
    God will take care of the evil ones doing the devils work!
    Nasty Nancy needs to be thrown in jail
    Along with the rest of the devil worshipers
    Paid by the American people do do all they
    Can to destroy the president and this country !

    1. The sad part is, they will get away with it, they always do. What about Hunter? He should be facing many years in prison but he won’t serve 1 day and chances are, all charges/investigations will be dropped on Jan. 21st. This is no longer the United States of America. Those days will soon be gone.

  4. These 3 companies require to be cut up in little pieces//The people them value and the people can destroy them//I looks like the Fox Sindrum//Number one for 19 years//and now swiming with CNN and others/ Fox once highly respected has lost all that//Are not the people running these companies have an IQ above 10//You can not piss off half the country and remain a dominent factor//This is why I left the democrat party at age 78//

  5. May they all go down in flames, they had walked over the Constitutional rights of the citizens of the country far too long with impunity. Zuckerberg needs to know what financial desperation is, before his empire crashes to the ground bankrupted!!

  6. I just removed myself and my two business accounts from Facebook and went to an alternative search engine and eliminated Google as well-I was not on Twitter but would encourage everyone that is, to remove them-How dare they censor the President of the United States of America! I hope the anti-trust suits break these monopolies up and remove their wealth and power, the time is at hand to take a stand!

  7. I have already deleted my Twitter account, as well as AMAZON PRIME & next will be YouTube, and Google!!! Facebook will follow suit as soon as I can find a good social media platform, preferably one that is not so politically motivated!!!

    1. You can got to or mewe
      Both are good and a lot like face book but without the censorship. They are run by conservatives.

  8. I hope the conservatives have the financial strength to take big tech down permanently! They have sold our country to the Chinese! Their one world order is not a good thing.


  10. All posts are right on target! Hope to see Facebook, Twitter, amazon and all the big monopolies go bankrupt! They asked for it, give it to them in spades! We don’t need them, they need us! I hope President Trump starts his own social media platform that they can’t censor or shut down! I hope Zuckerberg, Dorsey and the rest have to eat their own words! How fitting that they are loosing money! That is what happens when you shut down the President of our country! Enjoy your big demise!

  11. I CANNOT Help but Wonder if the Past Great News commentator’s; Like Edward R. Murrow; Walter Cronkite; Paul Harvey; and Others of that time; that they must be rolling over in their Graves and Vomiting at what the news media has deteriorated into; Thanks to SOROS; OBUMA; et. al.

  12. Send all these one sided companies down a dark hole, its your duty to America. My feelings are the same as if they did this to the left or the right, all very un American. Vote with your wallet

  13. The impeachment process is under way. Kangaroo court/Salem witch trials at its finest.
    Absolutely zero ability for POTUS to provide a defence or present evidence. Expect the exact same to any American that disagrees with the communist left the same actions in a court of law. we have already seen 60 Trump campaign law suites be dismissed without plaintiffs able to present evidence. All these actions are totally against the Constitution.
    Any repub that votes against Trump should be primaried and deluged with phone calls, mail, email and in person disgust of their actions. They are not representing their voters.

  14. God helps those that fight for their rights and justice. Its time to impeach Nancy, Chuck, Kamel, and ole crooked Joe Biden. Recall all blue states governors, and mayors, they have destroyed our cities and afraid/not capable of doing their jobs. And lastly all 75+ million Trump supports get off/stop using Facebook, twitter, google. They need to know we the people have spoken, we know they stole the vote and big media is compliance in the stale we will not be silence! Got off Facebook, twitter, Google, Youtube! Use Rumble!

  15. I say patriots stand we don’t need courts anymore than they did in 1776 proof of all the dirty deeds is public. So we all know the guilt it’s time to rise after Jan 20. We are done being ignored

  16. Everything is very open with a really clear explanation of the issues.
    It was really informative. Your website is very useful.
    Thanks for sharing!

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