Two more busloads of illegal immigrants dropped at Port Authority in New York City

Texas is continuing to send illegal immigrants by the busload to New York City in an attempt to draw attention to the crisis in border towns there, with six busloads arriving on Saturday and two more early Sunday morning.

The state has sent 2,600 migrants to New York since August 5, and has promised to keep sending them until President Joe Biden takes stronger action to stop migrants from coming across the border.

Looking back to May, 11,000 migrants have come into the city’s shelters, and 8,000 of them are still in the system.

More than 8,000 migrants have been sent to Washington, D.C. and 600 have more recently been sent to Chicago.

Resigned to migrant influx?

New York Mayor Eric Adams (D) recently opened up a new resource navigation center for illegal immigrants as the numbers coming into his city increase.

The move could signal resignation to the migrant influx, after first complaining about Governor Greg Abbott’s actions and asking for federal help to accommodate the migrants.

The migrants sent to large sanctuary cities are only a drop in the bucket of those invading much smaller border towns, often being forced to sleep and eat in open air because there are not facilities that can house them.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), who flew 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard last week, pointed out that far more members of the corporate press showed up to declare outrage there then have been to the border to cover that much worse situation.

A challenge

“There were more Acela corporate journalists in Martha’s Vineyard today than have ever gone down to the Southern border to look at what’s going on,” he said on Friday, asking, “Why don’t you go down there and look at what those communities have to deal with every day?”

In another apt political move, Abbott sent a busload of migrants directly to the Washington, D.C. home of Vice President Kamala Harris, who was initially tasked with handling the border crisis but has avoided it for most of her tenure.

“Biden & ‘Border Czar’ Harris refuse to acknowledge the consequences of their open border policies,” Abbott tweeted on Saturday “Texas is bringing the border to their backyard to relieve our overwhelmed communities. It’s past time to fix this crisis they created.”