U.S. troops deployed to Eastern Europe, ‘fully prepared’ for Ukraine war

America, once again, finds itself on the brink of a possible war.

According to the Washington Examiner, U.S. troops from the legendary 101st Airborne Division have been deployed to Eastern Europe to participate in military exercises and to be close to Ukraine, apparently, just in case U.S. troops are ever deployed to help defend the country.

The soldiers are currently at an operating base in Romania, only three miles from Ukraine’s borders. A total of roughly 4,700 soldiers were involved in the deployment.

Marching closer to war

From the Examiner:

Brig. Gen. John Lubas, the division’s deputy commander, stressed this is “not a training deployment” but rather a “combat deployment” from which his forces “need to be ready to fight tonight, depending on how the situation escalates across the border.”

The move comes as tensions rise in the geopolitical arena, with fresh nuclear threats from Russia, and Ukraine’s accelerated NATO application.

The troops from the 101st Airborne are reportedly the closest troops to Ukraine, according to Col. Edwin Matthaidess, commander of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team.

“It keeps us on our toes,” the commander said, commenting on how close his brigade is to the action in Ukraine.

“It’s not just about defending NATO territory,” Charlie D’Agata, senior foreign correspondent for CBS News, said in one report from an air base in Romania. “If the fight escalates, and NATO partners are under threat, they’re fully prepared to cross over into Ukrainian territory if ordered to do so.”

“We’re ready”

Brigadier General John Lubas, according to CBS News, insisted that his troops are ready for action.

“We’re ready to defend every inch of NATO soil,” Lubas said. “We bring a unique capability, from our air assault capability… We’re a light infantry force, but again, we bring that mobility with us, for our aircraft and air assaults.”

Romanian Major General Lulian Berdila told CBS News that he was thrilled to have one of America’s most elite military fighting units stationed in his country.

“The real meaning for me, to have the American troops here, is like if you were to have allies in Normandy before any enemy was there,” General Berdila said.