Unhinged Biden calls Donald Trump the ‘great MAGA king’ in bizarre rant

An unhinged, increasingly unpopular Joe Biden started unspooling Wednesday in a bizarre rant against his predecessor, who he disparaged as “The Great MAGA King.”

It was just the latest, desperate attempt by the failed president to distract unhappy voters with a bugbear of “extremism” in what Biden calls “the MAGA crowd.”

Biden rants about “great MAGA King”

In a speech to union workers in Chicago, Biden made a heroic effort to convince Americans suffering the worst inflation in forty years that they were somehow worse off under Trump.

With few real wins to speak of, Biden repeated his dubious claim that he is responsible for “the strongest job creation in modern times” and asserted he is getting the deficit under control, contrasting his supposed fiscal sobriety with the recklessness of “the great MAGA king.”

“Under my predecessor, the great MAGA king, the deficit increased every year as president,” Biden said.

The pointed rhetoric is an escalation in Biden’s efforts to blame his failures on his political opponents, who Biden is trying to paint as dangerous radicals before midterm elections that Republicans are heavily favored to win.

He debuted a new attack line this week, calling Republicans the “ultra-MAGA” party, after pouncing on the leaked Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade to label Trump supporters in the “MAGA crowd” the “most extreme” political movement in American history.

Desperate Biden points the finger

In the latest of many bizarre Biden moments, the senile demagogue looked back two years into the past Wednesday to the outset of the COVID pandemic and started shouting about the “MAGA crowd” and food lines.

“Remember those long lines you’d see on television and people lining up in all kinds of vehicles just to get a box of food in their trunk? How quickly they forget people were hurting,” Biden said. “And what did the MAGA crowd want to do? Forget it. Forget it.”

Practically screaming, he continued, “God this is the United States of America! The idea that people would have to wait in line an hour, an hour and a half to get a box of food in their trunk, just unbelievable.”

Why is Biden raving about food lines from 2020? Americans are suffering right now. There’s a shortage in baby formula, for crying out loud. That’s Trump’s fault too, presumably?

Trump is no longer the president, but lately, it seems that Trump is all Joe Biden can talk about. It’s hard to imagine that Biden is winning over many voters with this pathetic spectacle.

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