Lawsuit over fired pro-life flight attendant reveals union leaders plotted ‘targeted assassinations’ against critics

A former flight attendant who believed she was fired from her job over her religious and “pro-life” views, and claimed she wasn’t supported by her labor union, recently won a discrimination lawsuit and massive damages payout from the airline and union.

Now court documents from that lawsuit reveal that while the former flight attendant was indeed mocked and discriminated against by the airline and union, the union’s leaders also discussed “targeted assassinations” against other critics and dissidents who were described as “cancer” on the union itself, the Daily Wire reported.

The revelations come from emails that were entered into the record as part of the lawsuit filed by former flight attendant Charlene Carter against Southwest Airlines and the Transportation Workers Union of America Local 556.

Lawsuit over religious belief discrimination

The Associated Press reported that Carter had been fired in 2017 after raising objections to her union leaders about her union dues being used to fund things like abortions and other issues she disagreed with, such as participation in the anti-Trump march in Washington D.C. that coincided with former President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Southwest chose to fire Carter, a 20-year veteran, over what it described as “highly offensive” social media posts by Carter as well as “harassing” messages sent to her union boss. The union that Carter belonged to, she claimed, did not help defend her against what she believed was wrongful termination due to her religious views.

A jury agreed with Carter that she had been wrongfully fired in a discriminatory manner over her “sincerely held religious beliefs” and awarded her $5.1 million in damages, including $4.15 million from Southwest and $950,000 from the union.

Insider reported that Southwest said in a statement that it was “disappointed” with that verdict and intended to appeal the decision.

Union exposed for plotting “targeted assassinations” against critics and dissidents

The Daily Wire reported that the trial revealed that Carter wasn’t the only Southwest employee who faced discrimination by her own union, however, as emails revealed that union leaders and activists also had an exceptionally dim view of any members who didn’t fall entirely in line with the union’s agenda or stance on certain issues.

One email in particular, from union activist Brian Talburt to then-senior director of inflight services Sonya Lacore, absolutely lambasted certain union members who were critical of or viewed as a “threat” against the union’s leadership, who Talburt referred to as “sheeple” and a “cancerous tumor” that had to be “eradicated” before their views spread to other members.

“I’m all about targeted assassinations,” Talburt wrote at one point in the missive, apparently in regard to a popular black flight attendant who was making a bid to be elected as a leader but was viewed as a “huge threat” to the current leadership.

“Cancer is a dangerous thing and must be eradicated when ever possible or it spreads. You cannot contain it, it needs to be eliminated,” Talburt wrote at another point. “I would highly encourage targeting people and a one day detective with a video camera is a very cheap investment.”

National Right to Work Foundation President Mark Mix, who represented Carter in the lawsuit, told the Daily Wire, “The evidence presented at Carter’s trial reveals an ingrained union culture of intimidation and prejudice against dissident workers. While we will keep fighting to defend Ms. Carter’s victory for her rights, flight attendants or other employees who have experienced similar hostility should not hesitate to contact the National Right to Work Foundation for help in defending their rights.”

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