‘Uniquely incompetent’: Geraldo Rivera piles onto Biden over priorities

Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera said of President Joe Biden on The Story Wednesday that he is “uniquely incompetent” in choosing his priorities and what to address within his administration.

Rivera said that sex trafficking and fentanyl overdoses stemming from Biden’s mostly open borders should be more important than another speech about white supremacy.

Biden said after the Buffalo supermarket shooting Tuesday that white supremacy was a “poison,” while he has not spoken about fentanyl, an actual poison that has killed people at much higher rates since Biden took office and opened the borders.

While Rivera acknowledged that the Buffalo shooting was “horrible,” he noted that shootings in Chicago and Philadelphia were also disturbing and a problem.

Overdoses skyrocketing

Two pregnant women were recently shot in separate incidents in Philadelphia, he noted.

“I get all that. But he needs to direct his wrath to something like the 107,000 who overdosed,” Rivera added. “We only lost… 50,000 [Americans] in Vietnam. So you’ve got twice Vietnam [casualty count] now just last year alone because of fentanyl.”

Rivera suggested an educational campaign to warn young people not to take any kind of unknown drugs, because they could be laced with fentanyl at deadly levels.

“We have to instruct our young people particularly that they can’t take anything …They must suspect everything. They can’t take anything at face value,” he said.

Just not right

Biden has attempted to give over $50 billion to Ukraine, and is shipping pallets of baby formula to border towns for illegal immigrant babies during a national baby formula shortage that has already hospitalized at least two infants.

After a public outcry, Biden’s FDA has finally scheduled a reopening of a major baby formula facility that produces 40% of the U.S. total supply. The facility will reopen in two weeks.

As for immigration and inflation, Biden looks like a deer in headlights, paralyzed and unable to take any significant action.

Even if he stopped blaming others long enough to figure out what to do, he would not likely do what was needed, since it would mean admitting former President Donald Trump was right and he and his entire party are wrong about how to best run the country.

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