University of Florida passes ‘no confidence’ vote against Sen. Ben Sasse

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) is one of a small handful of establishment, anti-Trump Republicans.

The latest bad news to hit Sasse’s camp undoubtedly has former President Donald Trump in stitches, as it has to do with his new venture as the head of the University of Florida.

According to the Washington Examiner, Sasse might have a tough time in his new possible role, if he even makes it that far, because the university’s Faculty Senate just took a vote that doesn’t bode well for Sasse’s future. 

Students and faculty at the school have argued that they want more transparency behind the selection process of choosing the school’s future president.

“No confidence”

News hit the headlines recently of Sasse’s future at the university as its new president. However, university students overwhelmingly rejected the Republican.

While the students hold little to no formal power as far as influencing who gets the job, the backlash was so intense that it sparked the University of Florida’s Faculty Senate to pass a “no confidence” vote against the Republican senator.

Students want to know how the university came to select someone like Sasse. It’s a valid question, as the heads of universities often have connections in high politics, where horse-trading takes place daily.

Sasse’s prospects for leading the university, at this point, look especially dim.

“We have no input”

The school’s faculty especially wants to know how Sasse, and other candidates, have been selected.

“The process is the biggest problem here because we don’t know who those other candidates were. We don’t know anything about them, and we have no input in this and no say in it as a faculty as a whole,” said Faculty Senate member Breann Garbas.

Only time will tell, but it looks as though the university brass will need to take extra measures to make sure transparency is at the top of the priority list when choosing the school’s next leader.