Unsealed documents reveal IRS knowledge of Tea Party during Obama’s presidency

Judicial Watch announced on Monday that unsealed IRS documents show new evidence regarding the targeting of the tax status of Tea Party organizations in 2012.

The IRS had previously sealed the records after claims that two officials were receiving threats.

The issue

“The unsealed Lerner and Paz deposition transcripts reveal through sworn testimony the bureaucratic tangle created by the Obama IRS to single out, delay and deny the processing of conservative, especially Tea Party non-profit groups’ applications for tax-exempt status and to disclose their donors’ names,” Judicial Watch wrote.

“At the same time, Paz admits under questioning that she knew from the beginning there was not sufficient legal basis to deny most of the targeted groups tax exempt status,” it added.

The impact

“These new transcripts expose new details and the cover-up of how the Obama IRS intentionally suppressed the Tea Party movement during the 2012 presidential campaign,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

“These documents show how the Obama administration easily used the IRS to suppress an entire political movement threatening his reelection. The Obama IRS abuse is the epitome of election interference,” Fitton said.

“Given this largely unchecked abuse by the IRS, the Biden administration’s massive new expansion of the IRS should concern all Americans,” he added.

The new information reopens concerns from a decade ago when the IRS targeted conservatives under Obama.

The documents also serve as a reminder that the expanding IRS plans under the Biden administration are likely to further target Americans in negative ways.