Experts fret over US dominance in Arctic as China, Russia beef up presence: Report

The United States has been considered a key player in the Arctic since it acquired Alaska in 1867. But other nations are flexing their muscles in the region — and some experts are worried that the U.S. could soon be in serious trouble if President Joe Biden doesn’t step up.

Nick Solheim is the founder of the Wallace Institute for Arctic Security, and he told Fox News that maintaining the Coast Guard’s single heavy icebreaker, a machine used to carve out routes for transport ships, is becoming difficult.

“We’re running out of parts to replace…on the Polar Star, our heavy polar security cutter, which is now 40 years old,” Solheim explained.

“It doesn’t look very good right now,” he said of America’s strategic position in the Arctic, according to Fox. “It hasn’t looked very good for the last 10 years, 20 years actually, at this point.”

“Polar Silk Road”

By contrast, Fox reports that both Russia and China are said to be increasing their icebreaking capacity, a move that will give them more leverage over the resource-rich Arctic region.

Solheim, for his part, characterized recent moves by China in the region as posing the “No. 1 biggest threat” to America’s dominance there.

Coast Guard Rear Adm. John Mauger seemed to share Solheim’s concern, telling Fox: “Certainly, we’ve been looking at how China and others view the Arctic.”

Mauger added: “We’ve seen what China has written about the ‘Polar Silk Road,’ their Arctic strategy white paper they published in 2018, linking the Polar Silk Road and their ‘Belt and Road’ initiative.”

Mauger also said it’s clear what China is “doing with company investments to strengthen their position to have access to those resources.”

“Pursuing greater influence”

Canada’s Financial Post has reported that the Canadian government recently blocked an attempt by China to purchase an Arctic gold mine.

What’s more, Fox noted that China has attempted to build airport facilities on the Danish territory of Greenland, and in 2020 managed to take control of a Norwegian airline using several corporations. An unnamed State Department official told Fox: “The PRC [People’s Republic of China] is pursuing greater influence in the Arctic, leveraging its investments in scientific research and critical infrastructure to secure footholds and extend its soft power in the region.”

If Biden doesn’t start beefing up America’s presence in the Arctic now, it may soon be too late.

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  1. Joe Biden when are you going to wake up from the coma you are in? If you can not see what is going on in this Nation , and what you are doing to this country then you do not deserve to be President of the United States.

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  3. You know the portrait of Biden on Gun control is a really Great One it shows how he really is ALL MOUTH no action I just hope all you people that did VOTE for this liar of a man are happy. I am a registered Democrat but never gave it a thought to vote that way the past several Presidential elections. I never even thought about any of them.

  4. If it is left up to Biden, then the Artic is already lost. He has managed in just four months to alienate Allies, and go to bed with enemies such as China. Given a little more time and we will not be energy independent but dependent upon those who control the Oil. I hop those that voted for Biden are happy with there choice. A Senile or Dementia ridden fool who only knows how to divide the Country and hate anything Trump!

  5. I have seen Absolute, Scientific Proof (see Mike Lindell’s programs) that the Chinese knew what they were getting when they hacked the 2020 election and put this demented wimp into office. True, China Joe Beijing Biden did not take money from the Chinese directly but, the Chinese money was laundered through POS son Hunter just like the Ukraine money.

  6. Everyone says that they hope the people that voted for biden are proud of themselves. Here is the spoiler dead people don’t have feelings. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  7. Just more proof that senile Biden , giggling nitwit Harris , and the rest of the demoscum mob are destroying America. DON’T BLAME ME I VOTED FOR TRUMP!!!

  8. It is time to get rid of the trash, somebody please take this worthless pile of garbage out of the white house and put the rightful president that actually won the presidency legally back in power, and get rid of the Cheney’s and Romney’s, every body knows that bozo Biden did not win legally he is a puppet to Soros and that ilk, why is Soros still walking around free.

  9. Some one please Tell me Why Biden and Harris have NOT been IMpeached Everone Knows they Cheated, But would rather see the Great USA go to Hell instead of IMPEACHING the Twwo A_ _ Holes who are Distroying this Great Nation WHY GET THEM TO HELL IMPEACHED NOW Before IT IS TO LATE

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