Utah’s Republican governor signs bill ending concealed carry permit requirements

Second Amendment supporters in the state of Utah had cause for celebration over the weekend.

According to the Washington Examiner, Utah Gov. Spencer Cox (R) signed a bill into law Friday that will soon allow the state’s residents to carry concealed weapons without a permit.

Signing the “constitutional carry” bill was one of Cox’s first moves as governor after being sworn in last month, and one that he mentioned on the campaign trail would be a top priority for his administration.

No permit required

The bill, H.B. 60, had passed the Utah state Senate earlier in the week. According to Fox News, it was first introduced by Utah state Rep. Walt Brooks (R).

The bill allows “an individual who is 21 years old or older” and who “may lawfully possess a firearm” to “carry a concealed firearm in a public area without a permit.”

Because a government-issued permit will no longer be needed, Utah residents will also no longer be subjected to the required FBI background check and a four-hour training course. FOX 13 in Salt Lake City reports that “the new law will still allow gun owners who want to concealed carry out-of-state to get a permit.”

The bill also looks to combat suicide by redirecting “unused funds in the Concealed Weapons Account to the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health for suicide prevention efforts,” and by creating “the Suicide Prevention and Education Fund within the division for suicide prevention efforts.”

It’s official

In a statement Friday, Cox praised the legislation.

“With the passage of this bill, Utah joins 17 other states with some form of permitless concealed carry. This bill protects Second Amendment rights, reduces permitless open carry, and includes significant funding for suicide prevention,” he said, according to the Washington Examiner.

The NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) also issued a statement celebrating the move.

“There is no reason a law-abiding person should have to ask for permission to carry a firearm for self-defense,” Jason Ouimet, the group’s executive director, said. “The passage of this bill demonstrates Utah’s commitment to protecting the Second Amendment rights of its citizens.”

The changes will take effect in May, according to reports.

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16 Responses

  1. Big Government, Democrats and Rinos fear a well armed citizenry. THEY NEED TO, for U.S. A. GOD BLESS 🙏 AMERICA AGAIN—-

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  3. Only 32 more to go.
    They should have listed the other 17 status while they were at it.
    One solid criteria when choosing where to move when leaving California , Chicago, NY, NJ etc.

    1. We are going to get started in searching new home and job to a Great State that ended conceal carry permit.
      This State of California isn’t doing too great. Too many “Sanctuary” on illegal immigrants or should I say illegal “humans trafficking”

  4. The 2nd Amd. was put in place for this time in history. Kansas has had this law in place for a number of years & you don’t have to back up if life is threatened.

  5. Isn’t gun control a state’s rights issue? If not, it should be and each state should move in that direction. What the hell does the Federal government have to do with this in the first place?
    Personal gun ownership was the reason Japan did not attach the USA in the first place.

  6. I’m all for 2nd amendment rights 100%, it’s rarely the legal gun owner who is committing the crimes, it’s almost exclusively the illegal thug who is committing the crimes with stolen or illegal firearms

  7. I have been carrying a fire arm sense I was 18 years old. I serviced in the U.S. Army for 4 years and two of the years was in combat in Vietnam. I became a local law enforcement officer in my county for 23 years. If a man is of very good standings and honest and respects the laws of this country and the people of this country he really don’t need and concealed fire arms permit to carry a fire arm.

  8. Just as long as no weapons get I to the wrong hands, the underground should be shut down!! Yes I’m for having a permit for the hand gun and that’s all that’s needed, similar to a hunting license , but ,you should have to show your ownership at least . I was a long time Hunter safety instructor. Plus ex-military 12 years

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