‘It is utter chaos’: Feds reportedly unload migrant children in Texas town without warning

President Joe Biden has not publicly acknowledged that a wave of immigrants overwhelming the southern border constitutes a “crisis,” but communities across the nation are feeling the impact of his policies.

As one notable example, Midland, Texas, was recently taken by surprise when federal authorities opened a holding facility for teenage migrants without prior notice, Breitbart reported.

Video footage released by one local news outlet showed the migrants being loaded off buses in the middle of the night.

Mayor left in the dark

The images provide a remarkable representation of the Biden administration’s immigration orders in practice and an ongoing effort to provide shelter for a growing number of unaccompanied minors and other undocumented migrants illegally entering the U.S.

Migrants seen in the video being escorted from the buses were reportedly detained after attempting to cross the Rio Grande from Mexico.

News reports described the Midland facility as an abandoned housing facility formerly used by oil workers.

For his part, Mayor Patrick Payton said he had been in the dark about the situation, insisting that federal agents simply told him they would “circle” to him with information. He has expressed outrage over the “abusive” and “disrespectful” lack of consideration being shown to local governments by federal border agencies.

“It is utter chaos and I don’t think I’m exaggerating on this but they are coming over by the thousands, literally by the thousands,” Payton added, according to reports.

“This is a complete tragedy”

The mayor noted that he has not been told how long the teenage migrants will be housed in his city.

In a statement on the matter, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) affirmed that the facility was opened on Sunday as a “temporary” measure to provide migrant children with less crowded quarters until their cases can be processed.

Biden has faced criticism of his own for what many pundits describe as a self-inflicted crisis caused by his campaign’s lofty promises of lax border enforcement as well as evidence that some migrants being released into U.S. communities have tested positive for COVID-19.

Payton was clear in his assessment of the situation, declaring: “This is a complete tragedy. This is a complete overreach and a complete abuse of our community. Fortunately, we don’t have it as bad as Dallas does.”

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38 Responses

    1. That’s what the Democrats call “Complete Transparency” lying, sneaking, cheating Hypocrites is what they really are. I say bus all these teenagers to Biden’s Delaware Home since HE is the one who told them all to come and HE would help them. The rest of the country does NOT want millions more ILLEGALS in our country to house, feed, cloth, school, etc….

      1. I agree. Round up Biden. Then round up all those Illegal’s Immigrants and put them back in Mexico where they belong. Enough is Enough with this Deranged Administration. Finish our Border Wall Now.

    2. cheaters never really win. For awhile then it will be all over. They get caught up in all their lies, accusations, sneaking around in the middle of the night to cover up their dirty deeds and cheating.

    3. The Baboonzo tactic of drowning the small communities with the vermin and they are the ones who can barely help the locals let alone a bunch od illiterate non english speaking possible infected with Covig19. Overwhelm the medical and social services and then the hook is set “ask for federal help ” and that community if fu*ked the fed owns them.

    4. That is all this current bunch of Government people knows is illegal and underhanded operations, Only solution fight fire with fire! Take them all to Washington DC, turn them loose on Biden & Harris

  1. Biden wants them released; Take them to the Capitol and release them there in DC and California and New York near the homes of the Democratic Congressmen and Senators.

    1. Bob, i second that commnet, that would be a very good place for all those illigals and also the ones coming in to Cal. give them Pelosi address.

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  3. When will Biden be delivered somewhere in the middle of the night never to be seen again? That delivery would get applause.

  4. WELcome to the dumboRats dictatorship and continued lying because that’s the only thing their good at! WE NEED the GOP to man up now more that ever, McConnell step up now you all need to unite now more than you have lately when only a few fight for America chaos come a knocking!

  5. Well, you can never trust a Democrat ever again. They are crooked and thieves. We all know that now.

  6. Everyday the American people see and hear more proof that the Democrats stole this election and they put Biden in office because he doesn’t know if he is coming or going and they know that they can control his dumb as .With everything that Biden has been doing it seems like the Democrats are planning on taking over our country and our government and our freedom and rights. And so far I don’t see anybody doing a dam thing that’s been able to stop them. All I see is how they waste the American tax payers money in arguing with one another. Maybe we should fire all of them and then have another election without any cheating or stealing.

  7. Why they don’t put them on Pelosi Lawn in the middle of the night? They like to do things in the night, now is a good time for the Illegals to go to Pelosi’s home and lay down to rest in the middle of the night, no one would see who who and when.

  8. Millions of illegal voted at nigjt and now hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants at night. The dems are evil lying sob’s.

  9. Everybody in America and other counties know who is causing all this Chaos in our government for the last few decades. The question is how do we stop these Traitors from destroying America as we know and like it. Trump tried to show us the way to success in his four years in office even with the evil democrats trying to make Trump look bad in everything good that he did for America and it’s people . We know who the Traitors are , We just have to find a way to rid the earth of them. Time is running out with this Sick old brain damaged liar in control with his finger on the BOMB button ready to destroy America and it’s people.

  10. America is burning folks and it didn’t even take 3 months. Kinda like Rome? Good luck to all you folks who voted for this democrat fool and maybe the real Americans can save our country.

  11. Agree with all posts! The governors of every state need to file suit against biden’s Administration for endangerment of our country! Block his amnesty bills, his immigration bills, send ALL illegals back across the border, it is NOT our job to take care of them! We owe them nothing! Send them back and tell them “ do not return”!

  12. If the gov’t can afford to rent buses to bring them from the border to Midland why can’t they take them to Washington DC and Biden’s White House Lawn? They have access to all the required gov’t offices to process their paper work faster! Another question, who owns the property that was opened up to these illegal aliens? I was not aware the gov’t owned property in Midland, Texas!

  13. When are these criminals going to be stopped? The Constitution does not mean a thing to Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden! They need to be stopped right now!

  14. Load them up and unload them on the white house lawn. (Bet you would get a lot of money on a fund raiser for that!_) When the white house lawn is packed, transport excess to the capital of Biden’s home state!!!!!!

  15. Most people nowadays have drones. Would someone put their drone out over the border so the American people can see the chaos? Then send it to NewsMax Fox News and the to NBC,CBS,ABC,MSNBC, and CNN. Let’s see who shows it on national tv. Make sure it’s dated

  16. Democrats are pathetic losers! Every knows they lie cheat steal and fraudulently won the election and only damn fools believe otherwise, they are immoral disgusting lying perverts

  17. Joy Carter called for burning and violence against Police. Wonder why Psaki and other Democrats do not call her out? Everything they do is against the Constitution and what most Americans believe. Criminals are the ones benefitting from this nonsense. Never thought I would see our leaders turn against people that work hard, do good, and basically pay these people. They need to be fired. Rats, maggots, or what ever they are. I emailed the DCCC. Told them. Will that help?

  18. If Joe Biden and the Democrats care so much about all the illegal immigrants they are letting into our southern borders, how about transporting these persons to Washington DC, California, and the northeast , northcentral, and northwestern blue states instead of flooding the southern and central states that tend to be more conservative? Or is that the real agenda or purpose the Dems are allowing illegal immigrants thru our “open borders”, knowing that this strategy will ultimately present severe challenges and hardships for those states that typically don’t follow the Democrats playbook. All states that border Mexico should stop all illegal immigration, deport all offenders, and sue the Federal Government for enforcing illegal policies. Enough is enough!

  19. I am concerned about the children being left here. Cartels and other pedophiles in this country are probably waiting to get their hands on them. Biden does not care about them – or you…. Its a crisis and a tragedy.

  20. Time for TRUMP to resurface and get things back under control! Praying that behind the scenes he is planning how to deal with the border crisis. It is now publically spoken about the fake Biden. fake whitehouse, ect. Biden you see is a clone or an actor. Biden has never been in the actual WH nor does he fly on AF ONE-that plane is an old AF one cleaned up to look like the real deal. Trump is in possession of the real AF ONE. Please join me in prayer for Trump to resurface soon and get our country back in order.

  21. it’s night, it’s dark, it’s black so it must be legal. The democrats would never do anything illegal.

  22. Right now Biden & the whole dam Democratic party need to be arrested & impeached, removed from office, fired & put in prison. That is the most disgusting horrible inhumane thing to do to children. You Democrats starting with Biden/Harris & their handlers. Pelosi & the rest of the crap that call themselves Dems. are despicable criminal unhuman garbage!

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