Vegan protester attempts to block Dutch farmer’s route to work

A video is circulating the internet of an encounter that recently took place between a Dutch farmer and a vegan protestor.  

The video can be found here.

What happened?

Specifics about the video are few. It is said to have been filmed in the Netherlands. But, it is unclear exactly where and when.

What the video reportedly shows is a group of vegan, climate change activists protesting farming practices by blocking a road used by a farmer. The video also shows the farmer in a large tractor, with a trailer attached to it, coming down the road.

Some of the protestors can be seen wearing yellow safety vests, and, as the farmer is driving down the road, these safety-vest-wearing protestors attempt to stop the farmer from getting through by standing in the middle of the street. The farmer wasn’t having it.

The farmer comes down the road at what looks to be a pretty good rate of speed. Then, just as he reaches the protestors, he slows down just enough to give one of the male protestors a little nudge with the tire of the tractor. That particular protestor took a rather large step toward the side of the road as the farmer proceeded to drive on through.

When the farmer returned down the road, no one blocked his path. It appears that some kind of lesson was learned.

What’s going on?

The backstory here is that in the Netherlands, and many other countries, a feud has developed between the government and farmers. In the above scenario, the protestors were representing the interests of the government.

What are those interests? To cut back on what the leftists consider to be a pollutant and a greenhouse gas.

What is the pollutant and greenhouse gas that these particular protestors were protesting? Believe it or not, the manure and urine of cows. This combination produces ammonia, a pollutant, and nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas.

The government of the Netherlands, in fact, has recently unveiled a plan to halve its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. This, in part, is going to require farmers to change many of their practices – it is even being estimated that farmers are going to have to take a 30% reduction in livestock. This plan has emboldened protestors who, as demonstrated, have been targeting farmers, many of whom are fighting back.

The whole situation is next-level insanity.

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