At least 13 dead after vehicle carrying undocumented immigrants slams into semi: Reports

More than a dozen people were reportedly killed in a gruesome collision approximately 10 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border in California.

According to reports, the crash occurred early Tuesday morning when a vehicle packed with 25 undocumented immigrants collided with a semi-truck in Imperial County.

“Initiated a human smuggling investigation”

Most of the individuals involved in the crash were believed to be foreign nationals.

An update from the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that agents from the San Diego investigations unit responded to the scene “and have initiated a human smuggling investigation.”

The driver was identified as a 28-year-old Mexican man who pulled into an intersection in front of the truck, which was being driven by a 68-year-old man. Both drivers reportedly sustained “major injuries.”

In a statement on the matter, California Highway Patrol Division Chief Omar Watson said: “It would be premature for me to speculate or discuss what caused this collision.”

He went on to reiterate that “13 people died in this crash,” which he described as “a very sad situation.”

“Going through a little bit of a difficult time”

Watson did acknowledge, however, that the vehicle carrying those killed “is not meant for that many people” and that it was “unfortunate that that number of people were put into that vehicle.”

Of those killed, all but one were pronounced dead at the scene while another man died later after being transported to an area hospital. The deceased ranged in age from 15 to 53 and at least 10 of them were identified as Mexican citizens. Seven additional survivors were taken to El Centro Regional Medical Center. CEO Dr. Adophe Edward addressed the situation in a subsequent news conference.

“The patients are, of course, going through a little bit of a difficult time as you can imagine,” he told reporters. “This is a major accident. We are taking care of them in the emergency room department.”

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) was among the many officials across California and beyond who issued their own statements. She tweeted: “My thoughts are with the families of all those involved. My office is closely monitoring the situation as we learn more about this horrific crash. My thanks to the Imperial County Fire Department and other first responders for their swift response and the various medical centers in the area that treated injured passengers.”

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21 Responses

  1. Why should we pray for them? They all are illegal. I would definitely point the figure on Biden, because he is responsible for ILLEGAL HUMANS TRAFFICKING.

    1. Why should we pray for illegal immigrants doing something like trying to find a better pace to live where they’re not permitted? Because for Christians the Bible COMMANDS us to do so.

    2. the democrat’s who voted for biden have the blood on their hand now they should do all the praying and it will only get worse you killed those people if you didn’t vote for biden they wouldn’t have been in that suv you will see everything isn’t so free as you was told by that fool he just suckered you in to vote for him

  2. A very sad situation at best, but that is a direct result of joebama’s open border policy. More incidents like this will happen, and possibly worse! Biden should answer for this!

      1. The infringement of incitement & insurrection of the endangerment & insurrection of the USA & the American people from 1/2020 through 3/3/ 2021 by the Biden Administration has been phenomenal he was busted for human trafficking, & arrested for breaking into the US Capitol , so tell me why hasn’t Nancy Pelosi done her job to impeach Joe Biden , is he & Nancy Pelosi above the laws ? or is the whole Democratic party above the laws, ?

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    1. If trump were in office this wouldn’t be happening –
      They know this weak illegitimate POTUS doesn’t have a Clue what he’s doing!!! Not sure our country can make it through this stolen election!

  4. This is Joe Bidens fault the stupid sob doesn’t have any sense, if this turd had any smarts he would have stoped it from the beginning, now unless the Democrats get their butts in gear, this isn’t going to end , it is the beginning of the end.

  5. They may have been Illegal to enter our Country, but they are still Children of God and they and their families should receive our prayers.

  6. I will pray for the dead and injuried but agree Biden is encouraging illegals(and that is what they are) to enter the US .That helps cause these and other thing like the one coming over the boarder and testing positive for the virus and Biden does not even want them tested

  7. This is only the BEGINNING-
    CANT EVEN READ OFF A TELEPROMPTER & carries around note cards –
    The world is laughing while we the American ppl r
    Crying over this BLATANT STOLEN ELECTION!!!

  8. So sad but if it had been Trump it would been on every media 24 hr day on him being a murderer. SAD SAD!

  9. They broke into our country and committed a federal offense. They deserve what they got! Why should the American taxpayers have to pay for their medical costs. They should have had the Mexican ambulances at the border and had them picked up their sick snd dead people. It always costs our country! Biden is responsible for all this! It is
    something that Feinstein feels bad but she is part of part of the problem at our border! I worry about American citizens and their safety with all these lowlives breaking into our country for a life on our welfare system. The evil communist democrats don’t see the problem or care about the safety of Americans with illegal aliens!

  10. Those were precious immigrants. We must outlaw Simi’s and cars. Or at least put tougher restrictions on the drivers.

    1. That DRIVER was Mexican James………..They cartels pay those drivers $$$ for getting illegals across the border……..Those illegals pay up to $5,000 to be transported……….They take chances with their own families being killed…….

      Tell those Demorats to put up the fence and stop letting those killers, drug dealers, rapists, and virus carrying illegals into the USA.

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