Veteran French actor Gerard Depardieu facing allegations from 13 women

 April 17, 2023

According to The Blaze, French actor Gerard Depardieu has been accused of sexual harassment by 13 women. 

It cited a report from French investigative website Mediapart that compiled the allegations, most of which involve female movie extras.

Alleged trail of abuse said to have run for nearly two decades

The alleged incidents are said to have taken place on film sets between 2004 and 2022, including the set of a 2015 production called "The Box."

Variety magazine reported that a former extra on the film accused Depardieu of having "put his hand under (her) dress" and "tried to get into (her) knickers."

The woman then recalled having to push Depardieu away, at which point the veteran French actor allegedly became "aggressive."

Meanwhile, another actor claimed Depardieu could be heard  "shouting that he could have who he wanted and that he didn’t want her, that she was a 'fat pig.'"

Insider says film scene was reworked so Depardieu and alleged victim could be kept apart

An unnamed production team member also asserted that the scene was reordered so that Depardieu and the woman would not be near one another.

This was far from being the only time that Depardieu reportedly engaged in misconduct, as dozen other women made similar assertions.

However, none have yet to take legal action against the 74-year-old actor, a fact which the Paris prosecutor’s office referenced in a statement, saying, "The prosecutor has not received any new lawsuit."

The prosecutor's office did note that an investigation was opened and remains ongoing in response to sexual assault allegations leveled in late 2021 by French actress Charlotte Arnault.

Actress says Depardieu raped her in 2018

"I was raped by Gerard Depardieu in August 2018," the website Darik News quoted Arnault as saying in December of 2021.

"I am the victim of Depardieu. It has been a whole year since he was accused. I can no longer remain silent. He has been accused for a year, but he continues to work while I spend my time surviving," she continued.

"This life has eluded me for 3 years and I want to live without denying myself. This confession will probably be a huge shock in my life. I earn absolutely nothing but hope to regain my integrity," Arnault stressed, adding, "To remain silent is like burying myself alive."

The Blaze noted that Depardieu's attorney released a statement of their own which "formally denies all of the accusations that could be subject to criminal law."

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